BioLPG cylinder

BioLPG Cylinder

100% renewable energy

in a gas bottle

100% renewable energy in every Calor patio gas cylinder. 

Same on the outside, revolutionary on the inside. Every Calor patio gas cylinder now contains BioLPG, 100% renewable energy. So it reduces carbon footprint, turning your barbeque days greener.

Gas is the fuel of choice for BBQ chefs who want to have flexibility and control, while still enjoying the taste of food cooked outdoors.  Until now, there has been no renewable gas option widely available for Irish BBQ enthusiasts.  Our BioLPG patio gas cylinders are perfect for patio heaters too. Irish homeowners can extend their time enjoying the outdoors late into the evening – perfect for Summer nights with friends and family.  

Our BioLPG patio gas cylinders are available in 11kg and 6kg. Calor’s 6kg patio gas cylinder is made of lightweight material and comes with a handy contents gauge to ensure you never run out of gas for those busy summer days.


BioLPG cylinder

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