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Portable Heating Gas

On-the-go comfort with Calor LPG for portable heaters.

Discover the reassuring blend of convenience and reliability with Calor’s portable heating solutions —perfect for the unpredictable Irish climate!

Calor: Ireland’s no-brainer choice for portable heating

Explore our range of portable gas bottles for reliable, efficient heating at home or on the move.

Portable heating solutions for every space

Find your perfect fit

The ideal choice for longer-lasting warmth, perfect for home heating and large spaces.
Our recommendation
11.34kg Butane
11.34kg Butane gas bottle Butane
Compact and convenient, excellent for occasional use and outdoor heating solutions.

Why choose portable heating

Feel the Calor gas difference

  • Versatile

    On-the-go heat source wherever you need it.
  • Cleaner

    Fewer emissions compared to conventional fuels.
  • Cost-effective

    Only heat the spaces you’re using when you’re using them.
  • User-friendly

    Simple to set up and operate without any complications.
  • Reliable

    Consistent, adjustable heat on demand

Safety comes first

Our expert safety tips for your peace of mind

  • Proper ventilation

    Ensure your heating area is well-ventilated to maintain air quality and safety.
  • Regular checks

    Inspect your heater and cylinder regularly for leaks or damage.
  • Safe storage

    Store cylinders in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and flammable items
cylinders 5kg

Frequently Asked Questions

portable heater
Portable heaters use LPG, which can be butane or propane, depending on the specific heater and your preference.
Yes, you can use either propane or butane. However, it's important to check your heater's manual first to ensure it's compatible with your chosen gas.
Keep cylinders upright in a well-ventilated, cool, and dry place, away from ignition sources.