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Switch to LPG 

Switch to LPG with Calor. A cleaner energy solution 

LPG from Calor offers a cleaner burning, lower carbon alternative to other fossil fuels. Fully flexible for both home and business, offering storage options tailored to meet all requirements. 

Is it worth converting to LPG?

Opting for LPG makes sense! It's ideal for a range of uses, from home heating to streamlining business activities. For over 85 years, Calor Gas has been helping customers, domestic and business, meet their energy demands with a more versatile energy choice. Now, the switch to LPG is simpler than ever.

Switch from other fuel sources

LPG for home and businesses

How to switch

How to switch

Making the switch couldn’t be simpler. Our specialist teams of domestic and industrial energy experts will guide you through the steps to get your home or business connected. We’ve highlighted the 5 stages of a standard installation below - these may vary depending on customer situations or business types.

  • Step 1 - Submit a query

    Complete a contact form and we will be in touch.

  • Step 2 - Consultation

    A member of the Calor team will call to discuss your requirements.

  • Step 3 - Installation Plan

    One of our Specialists will meet you to develop a installation plan.

  • Step 4 - Installation 

    Installation is completed through a registered gas installer chosen by you.

  • Step 5 – First Delivery

    Within a few days you can expect your first delivery of Calor gas.

Hear from our customers

Richie and Jackie from Skellig Jam
Ronan and Mary Berry from Tullamore

Why switch to LPG 

LPG is a cleaner-burning fuel, reducing emissions* compared to other fossil fuels. Meaning you’re taking steps towards a greener lifestyle.
Whether it's for home use or industrial purposes, LPG's versatility shines through. Plus, its portability makes it a great fit even in areas without natural gas connections.
Quick and responsive, LPG heats up in a flash, which is perfect for efficient cooking, cosy heating and instant hot water.
Our installation team will guide you seamlessly through the switch, from assessing your energy needs, positioning your tank, setting up your gas connection, and handling all the steps in between.


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Reduce carbon emissions

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