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Find out why LPG is the preferred fuel for industry and manufacturing.

LPG for industry

Diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, asphalt & aggregates and food manufacturing choose LPG for their energy needs. Calor offers a choice of premium energy solutions and a reliable, low maintenance gas supply to keep production running. Quality technical advice comes as standard. And by choosing a more sustainable energy source you’re reducing the environmental impact of your production process.

How LPG is used by industry and manufacturing

LPG for heavy industry and construction

Ireland’s roads need aggregates and asphalt for their construction. Here’s why Ireland’s road builders depend on a reliable supply of clean-burning, low carbon LPG to power their vital operations.

In warehouses, LPG-fuelled forklifts do the heavy lifting

LPG forklift are more energy efficient and run longer compared to their electric equivalents. They are also suitable for indoor and outdoor work. What’s more, they make less noise during operation.

A prescription for efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry

LPG is widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing to power automated production and packing processes. It also fuels the forklift trucks used for product storage and efficient fulfilment of customer orders.

The energy of choice for steel-making of the highest quality

LPG’s consistent temperature regulation means it’s extensively used for cutting, heating and melting in the steel-making process. LPG is renowned for its stability that results in a quality end product.

Why LPG is industry’s top energy choice

Prima LNG_loading Dunkerque terminal

Clean and sustainable: The advantages of gas for Industry

Calor LPG is a clean, tried-and-tested alternative to oil for industrial businesses that care about sustainability.

LPG brings all the advantages of gas to Ireland’s industrial and manufacturing businesses off the gas grid. From quarrying to food production, LPG is a convenient, reliable energy source. Whatever the location, LPG is a cleaner, more sustainable fuel choice for environmentally-responsible businesses.
Switching to LPG could reduce your CO2 emissions compared to polluting oil. As for your sustainability targets down the line, as we’re already working on developing 100% renewable energy solutions for industrial and manufacturing businesses like yours by 2040.
As Calor LPG is a clean-burning energy source, there’s less soot build-up on plant and equipment, which means smaller maintenance bills. Machinery runs more efficiently, resulting in fewer breakdowns and less downtime for cleaning and repairs.
Calor LPG is widely used in Industry for a variety of applications. From space and process heating to powering industrial ovens, food production, forklift trucks and production of packing material, it’s the go-to energy choice for industrial businesses concerned about their environmental impact.

Benefits of choosing Calor LPG for heavy industry

Why choose Liquefied Petroleum Gas from Calor?

LPG from Calor is the logical fuel choice for industrial and manufacturing businesses in locations beyond the mains gas supply. Companies choose us for our:

  • Reliable delivery
  • Remote tank monitoring
  • Ongoing support
  • Experience and expertise
  • A name you can trust


Asphalt industry

Arkil Ltd

Asphalt and aggregates producer Arkil cut its CO2 emissions by 22% by switching from oil to Calor LPG. It hasn’t looked back.

Switching is simple

If you’re new to Calor you’ll be reassured to know we aim to make the switching process hassle-free. Our specialist team of Industrial energy experts will guide you through the steps to get your business set up, ensure your gas is topped up and your tank is regularly serviced. And if you need support or have any questions, we’re only a phone call or email away.

  • Register your interest

    We’ll arrange an Industrial Energy Consultant to discuss your needs

  • Get a tailored solution

    We’ll work out the best way to supply LPG to your business cost-effectively

  • Your tank installation

    We complete preparation and groundwork before switchover for a seamless energy transition

  • Switch on!

    We arrange your first fill and get your business up-and-running on gas

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, LPG is a versatile fuel widely used in many industrial applications and production processes. These include space, process and water heating, metal processing, drying of products, food manufacturing, petrochemical production and powering industrial ovens, kilns and furnaces.
Unlike petrol and diesel, LPG can be stored indefinitely as it doesn’t go off. The only limit to its shelf life is not the gas itself but the bottle or bulk storage tank it’s held in. As LPG doesn’t go bad, it’s the ideal fuel for emergency generators as its effectiveness remains the same.

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