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Gas Powered Solutions for Poultry Farming

Successful poultry farming with Calor gas-powered heaters

Calor powered heaters produce heat that contains just the right amount of moisture to encourage rapid, even feathering, and faster weight gain to ensure the success of your poultry farm.

Get reliable and consistent heat for the best growth and laying conditions on your poultry farm.

Getting your heating right has a direct impact on profitability in a poultry farm. Calor powered heaters provide a consistent and controllable level of heat, burning efficiently and cleanly. Unlike with oil or electricity, the heat they produce contains just the right amount of moisture to ensure you achieve the best results for your business.

Reasons to switch to Calor gas for your poultry farming

Our benefits at a glance

Boost your poultry farm's success with Calor gas-powered heaters. Enjoy reliable, efficient heating for rapid growth, healthier yields, lower emissions, and a dependable fuel supply.

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Unlock the potential of your poultry farm.

LPG powered indirect heaters in poultry farming provide dependable, efficient, and clean heat. Say goodbye to the hassles of oil spills and environmental concerns, as Calor's dependable fuel supply and lower CO2 emissions* make a substantial difference. Our LPG heaters also offer an additional benefit - they are safe to use indoors and don't require additional ventilation. Whether you're looking for broiler house heating systems, poultry house heaters, or poultry brooder heaters, Calor has you covered. 

*Source: Based on emission savings using (ROI) & (DEFRA NI) conversion & emission factors 2022.  

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