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Home energy hybrid solutions

Calor - the perfect partner for a more sustainable future

Introducing a new era of hybrid energy solutions, a mixed technology approach to future-proofing your home energy, combining Calor LPG with renewable energy technologies such as heat pumps or solar PV.

Optimise Efficiency and Sustainability with a Hybrid Home Energy Solution

A hybrid home energy solution combining a Calor powered boiler and a renewable technology is an effective approach to optimise energy efficiency, while mitigating environmental impact. A hybrid energy solution could involve using a Calor powered gas boiler alongside a renewable energy source, such as a heat pump or solar panels, depending on your needs - putting you on the pathway to a future-proofed home energy solution.

Hybrid Heat Pump and Calor

A hybrid heat pump system combines two distinct heating technologies, merging a conventional heating system, such as a Calor powered gas boiler, with a modern air or ground source heat pump. The heat pump does the work in milder conditions, and the gas system steps up in the colder times, providing dependable warmth and instantaneous hot water when needed. It's an ideal blend of modern and traditional, offering the best of both worlds in heating technology. The below video demonstrates how the hybrid solution, combining a Calor powered boiler and an air to water heat pump can work in a home.

Sinead O'Rourke - Calor customer

“The hybrid system is very easy to use, and I would recommend it to anybody.”

Solar Panels and Calor

You may consider Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology as part of your journey to sustainable and affordable energy for your home. The electricity produced by the solar panels can be used to power electrical devices and, in some cases, heat water for your home with a Calor powered boiler providing efficient and effective home heating and a backup for all your water-heating needs. By incorporating renewable energy sources like solar power alongside cleaner burning* fuels like Calor gas, the hybrid system can help in reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. 

Benefits of Using Mixed Energy Solutions

Consider, cleaner more sustainable energy options with Calor.

Reasons why a hybrid heating solution might be the best option for you.

  • Flexible Solution

    A hybrid heating solution is an ideal choice for homeowners who want an efficient and reliable home energy solution, which enables them to reduce their carbon footprint and take a positive step on their sustainability journey.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency

    A hybrid heating system is a great way to make your home more energy efficient, which could lower heating bills over time. During cold weather the heat pump’s efficiency may decrease and can automatically switch over to the gas system, helping achieve consistent energy efficiency all year round.
  • Renewable Ready

    A Calor LPG powered boiler works perfectly on Calor’s renewable gas, BioLPG. You can choose the option of using a renewable blend now or in the future without the need to make any changes to your boiler.
  • Off Grid Energy

    Solar Panels or heat pumps working alongside Calor gas are perfect for rural homes in locations with no access to the gas grid.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hybrid heating system refers to a system that combines two or more alternative heating solutions to optimize energy efficiency. For example, it could involve using both a Calor LPG boiler alongside a renewable energy source such as a heat pump or solar panels, to achieve a more balanced and cost-effective heating solution for homeowners.
A heat pump extracts energy from free renewable sources outside of the home, for heating your house and producing your hot water.
Unfortunately, there is no government grant for a hybrid heating system available at the moment. However, Calor offer a free renewable energy boiler* when installing a hybrid system with Calor or a stand alone Calor heating system into your home. *T&Cs apply.
A solar panel is a device that converts sunlight into electricity through a term known as photovoltaic effect. It’s made up of multiple solar cells, usually composed of silicon, which generate direct current (DC) electricity when exposed to sunlight. The solar panels can then power your home’s electricity.
A Calor gas powered boiler is ‘renewable ready’ as it works perfectly on Calor’s renewable gas, BioLPG also. Choosing a Calor gas home energy solution gives you the option of using a blend of renewable gas now or in the future, putting you on the path to cleaner energy. 
A hybrid solution offers flexibility and choice and as such, there are very few homes that a hybrid system is not suitable for. Speak to us today and find out what option best suits your home.