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Forklift Trucks

Forklifts are an important part of daily processes for many businesses, moving goods quickly from storage to distribution.  Calor powered forklifts offer businesses unrivalled flexibility.  All of our forklift energy solutions use BioLPG so are 100% renewable. Naturally, it’s the first choice for enterprises who want to significantly reduce their environmental impact and meet customers’ or supply chain’s demands. Unlike electric forklifts, LPG machines do not require charging and can work safely both indoors and outdoors, unlike diesel driven machines. Some of Ireland’s largest businesses depend on Calor LPG for their forklift fleets.

Check out the testimonial video below with Calor customer, Coca Cola HBC Ireland & Northern Ireland

Solutions designed around your business

Your Calor Energy Advisor will recommend an optimal fork lift truck fuelling solution for you. This is based on your current and future business requirements, and your premises. From lightweight cylinders to bulk tanks,  our range of fork lift refuelling options can accommodate occasional use through to large fleets.
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Always ready to go

LPG fork lifts don't require downtime for recharging. All it takes is a quick cylinder change, or refill from a bulk tank and you are off again. LPG fuel is also theft-free and spill-proof, unlike diesel. 

Less noise, more comfort

Increase your driver comfort with noise levels below those required by Health and Safety legislation, and less vibration than those produced by diesel powered fork lifts.

Move goods indoors and outdoors

Gas powered fork lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Tackling uneven surfaces and steep inclines is just part of a days work. They can even work around sensitive environments, like food or electronics, as LPG offers a taint-free solution.

Expert Training

Our expert LPG Fork Lift Trucks Refuelling Training Course is offered to new and existing Calor customers. This aims to ensure your personnel are trained to the highest possible levels and safe refuelling procedures are followed every time.
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