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LPG for Fork lift truck

LPG for Forklift Trucks - Calor Gas

Boost your bottom line and efficiency with smarter fuel.

Drive your forklift operations to new heights with the power of Calor LPG. Increase productivity, reduce emissions, and enjoy peak efficiency.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) isn't just versatile - it's transforming forklift operations nationwide. Powering your forklifts with LPG means working smarter, not harder. Thanks to Calor, businesses across Ireland benefit from smoother operations and a cleaner, greener workplace. Are you next? 

Why choose LPG?

Discover why businesses nationwide are choosing Calor LPG-powered forklifts.

Discover the no-brainer benefits of switching to LPG.

  • Versatile usage

    LPG forklifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to their low emissions and reduced risk of tainting produce.
  • Reliable performance

    Enjoy consistent power and faster startups, even in cold conditions, ensuring your operations stay on track.
  • Reduces carbon emissions

    Calor FLT cylinders contain BioLPG, which helps lower carbon emissions and supports cleaner operations compared to diesel engines.
  • Flexible refuelling

    Quick-change LPG cylinders and on-site refuelling options minimise downtime and increase productivity.
  • Durable engines

    Benefit from longer engine lifespans with the clean-burning properties of LPG.

Compare Your Options

Discover the benefits of using LPG for your forklift fleet:

  • Cost-effective: Low long-term costs with no need for expensive recharging equipment.
  • Increased productivity: No downtime for recharging; works efficiently indoors and outdoors.
  • Better comfort: Quieter, smoother operation with no need for heavy spare batteries.
forklift LPG

Consider the drawbacks of diesel in today’s eco-aware market:

  • Higher emissions: Increased pollution levels.
  • Noisy operations: Louder work environment.
  • Cold start issues: Delays in cold weather.
  • Maintenance costs: Higher upkeep expenses.

While electric forklifts have their perks, be aware of their limitations:

  • Charging delays: Longer downtime for recharging.
  • Initial costs: High upfront investment.
  • Battery dependency: Performance tied to battery life.
  • Cold sensitivity: Less effective in low temperatures.

Calor Ireland: your trusted LPG supplier

Reliable LPG solutions you can count on

Calor is a leading provider of LPG solutions in Ireland, trusted by businesses nationwide. Discover why we're the preferred partner:

  • Reliable supply: Count on consistent LPG availability.
  • Proven expertise: Benefit from our decades of experience.
  • Ongoing support: Our team is here to assist you every step of the way
  • Competitive edge: Keep one step ahead with the latest LPG solutions.
  • Community focus: We champion local initiatives and sustainability.

Forklift Solutions for Every Need


coca cola testominial
I would describe our relationship with Calor as really one of a partnership. Their service levels allow us to drive our long-term environmental agenda and deliver our goals in relationship to sustainability.
Mark Haughey, Plant Manager  — Coca-Cola HBC, Ireland

Have questions? Ready to switch to LPG? We’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use LPG forklifts indoors as long as the area has good ventilation. They produce fewer emissions than diesel forklifts, making them a good option for enclosed spaces like warehouses.
Yes. Its consistent power makes it ideal for gradients and uneven surfaces, making light work of whatever you want to move.
LPG forklifts generally have lower fuel costs compared to diesel and some electric models, especially when factoring in maintenance and fuel efficiency.
When using an LPG forklift, following several safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries is important. These include performing regular maintenance checks, storing and handling LPG cylinders correctly, ensuring the operating area is well-ventilated, and training operators on the specific risks associated with LPG and the steps to take in an emergency.