LPG for Fork lift truck

LPG forklifts

Gas forklifts: Sustainability without compromise

Clean up your carbon footprint and switch to LPG forklifts. For forklifts, propane is the cleanest, most efficient fuel, outperforming diesel and electricity.

Calor offers BioLPG for forklift trucks

Versatile, propane-powered forklifts can move goods indoors and outdoors. Fuel them with cost-effective propane (LPG) and you’ll cut your carbon emissions by up to 90%. That’s not all. As LPG is clean-burning, your forklifts will need minimal maintenance and have increased engine life. So it’s better for the environment and your bottom line.

Advantages of LPG for forklifts

LPG forklifts: Clean and efficient

Using LPG to power your forklifts saves money, improves operational efficiency and contributes to a cleaner environment:

Quick and easy refuelling with our propane forklift fuel means you’ll keep your fleet running up to three times longer than electric1. Propane-powered forklifts are always ready to go as there’s no downtime for recharging. After a quick cylinder change, or refill from a bulk tank, drivers can be off again.
With LPG forklifts you can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 48%2 when you switch to our sustainable tariff. You can also cut your particulate matter by as much as 98%3 compared to diesel. For businesses working to reduce their carbon footprint, using LPG gas for forklifts is the sustainable choice.
Versatile Calor forklift LPG gives you total flexibility. LPG and BioLPG-powered forklifts can not only operate both inside and outside but are also proven to perform well on uneven and steep surfaces.
LPG forklifts increase your drivers’ comfort with noise levels below those required by Health and Safety legislation and less vibration than that produced by diesel-powered forklifts. Your drivers will thank you for it.
Unlike diesel, LPG forklift gas (also known as propane) is virtually impossible to steal. It’s also spill-proof so there’s no risk of ground contamination and the associated clean-up costs.
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BioLPG for Forklifts

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What is BioLPG for forklifts?

100% performance, up to 80% fewer emissions

BioLPG, the first of our Futuria products is made from amix of sustainably sourced vegetable oils and wastes and residues. Using the globally recognised, mass balance, supply chain approach for renewable energy, all Calor 13kg FLT gas cylinders include a blend of 20% BioLPG renewable energy.

Refuelling options for LPG forklifts

Forklift LPG cylinder

12kg and 18kg cylinders

Handy 12kg and 18kg gas forklift LPG cylinders are supplied through our retailer network across Ireland.

Cylinder gas Forklift

18kg cylinder

Purpose-designed for LPG forklifts, the light weight and quick connection of our 18kg forklift LPG bottles makes handling easy.

Benefits of using Calor gas for forklifts

Calor supplies LPG to Ireland’s off-grid businesses.

Here’s why Calor gas should be the first choice fuel for your LPG forklifts.

  • Proven track record
  • Unrivalled expertise
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Sustainability-focus
  • Safe, reliable supply
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coca cola testominial
I would describe our relationship with Calor as really one of a partnership. Their service levels allow us to drive our long-term environmental agenda and deliver our goals in relationship to sustainability.
Mark Haughey, Plant Manager  — Coca-Cola HBC, Ireland

LPG Forklift Trucks Refuelling Training Course

What is the training about?

At Calor, we put safety at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we offer all new and existing customers refresher training on safely refuelling LPG forklift trucks. We want to ensure your personnel are trained to the highest possible levels so that safe refuelling procedures are followed every time.

To find out more, or to arrange a training session, contact your Calor sales representative or Calor Customer Support.

Talk with an advisor and learn about your energy needs

Frequently asked questions

An LPG forklift, also known as a gas or propane forklift, is a forklift powered by liquid propane gas (LPG). LPG forklifts are a popular choice for businesses who are looking for a forklift that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions and has lower carbon content than their diesel-powered counterparts. Propane forklifts are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 
Propane and electric forklifts are both better than diesel. A propane forklift will run for about eight hours before the driver has to stop work to refuel. While electric forklifts gradually lose power as the battery drains, with propane or LPG forklifts the power is constant and doesn't fade.

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