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Calor's Energiser Programme -  Fostering Growth and Collaboration

Calor launched a new initiative for associated gas installers and specifiers. This programme is set to redefine the way Calor collaborates with its invaluable network of partners.

What is Calor's Energiser Programme?

The Energiser Programme represents a collective commitment to the development and expansion of Calor's installer and specifier community. Designed to bolster and support business growth for this group, it places a strong emphasis on establishing robust lines of communication and cultivating loyalty within this pivotal group of partners.
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The Benefits of Calor's Energiser Programme

The programme is designed to support Calor's domestic growth targets and focuses on building strong communication and loyalty within this key partnership group, offering opportunities to work with Calor to grow their own business.

We offer a range of benefits to support your business

  • Energiser Connect Digital Platform
  • Incentives and Loyalty Scheme
  • Training and Events 
  • Marketing Support
  • Social Media Academy

Calor Energiser Connect

Calor Energiser Connect

A standout feature of the Energiser Programme is the innovative Calor Energiser Connect communication platform. This digital hub serves as an important source of communication, ensuring that Calor installers and specifiers remain well-informed and connected. One of the platform's primary functions is to keep partners upto date with the latest news, product releases, and service updates from Calor. For an industry in which staying informed is crucial, this information hub empowers partners to make informed decisions and stay at the forefront of their field.

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