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about us

About Us

Who we are

We are a leading supplier and distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Ireland, allowing customers who are located off the natural gas grid use LPG gas for power in their homes and businesses. Our company is expert in LPG procurement and commissioning, bulk gas storage, cylinder filling and storage, LPG transport and delivery, installation and maintenance.

We also actively develop and innovate new LPG powered products such as our Calor Mini-BBQ and new lightweight cylinder.

We employ 325 staff in 6 sites located throughout the island of Ireland serving circa 50,000 customers across residential and industrial commercial sectors. 

Safe and reliable energy supply

We pride ourselves on our unmatched expertise in the safe supply of butane and propane to our customers. We also offer the reassuring security of a fuel supply which doesn’t have to rely on Middle Eastern or Russian imports. 25% of our LPG is sourced from the Whitegate Refinery in Co. Cork, with the remainder sourced within Europe.

Committed to sustainable energy

As befits a company who supplies one of the cleanest fossil fuels available to rural Ireland, Calor are fully committed to supporting best practice and sustainable development with regard to all environmental matters. We are constantly striving to offer a cleaner, more sustainable energy source for now and in the future.

Our Journey

Rural roots

Established in 1937, Calor Gas was first sold in convenient steel cylinders as an alternative energy source for those in rural Ireland.

From domestic to industrial

Calor continued to focus on the domestic market until the mid 1950’s when the industrial division was established to bring an efficient fuel source to the commercial market. In 1972 Calor and its competitor, Kosangas, merged to become Calor Kosangas. Its head office was opened on the Long Mile Road in Dublin, where Calor is still based today.

An international dimension

In 1996 Calor was acquired by SHV Energy. SHV Energy operates in 28 countries and supplies LPG to 30 million customers across 3 continents. For more information, see

Key Operational Sites

Group Head Office

Long Mile Road,
Dublin 12.

Northern Ireland Office

Airport Road West,
Belfast BT3 9EE

Gas Import and Storage Terminal

Tolka Quay,

Gas Import and Storage Terminal


Gas Import and Storage Terminal


Whitegate Filling Plant