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14/05/2024 • |

Navigating Ireland's Energy Transition: Providing viable solutions for rural consumers

With 46% of all households still reliant on high carbon fuels including oil, peat, and coal for heating, Duncan Osborne, CEO of Calor, discusses the dependence on such fuels in rural off-grid areas, and…

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24/05/2024 • |

Paving the Way for a Cleaner Future: The Transition from Oil to LPG in the Asphalt Industry.

Recent research by Calor on rural and off grid manufacturing and production businesses found that one third of those still use high carbon fuels such as…

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25/04/2024 • |

Calor Ireland's Research on Renewable Energy Adoption in Rural Businesses

Almost half of manufacturing and production businesses facing heightened supply chain pressure to be more environmentally sustainable 46% of businesses…

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