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BBQ Gas Cylinders: Fuel The Fun

The best BBQs start with Calor.

Choose LPG gas cylinders for an instant, controllable, consistent grill every time. Our 6kg and 11kg patio gas cylinders contain our renewable gas, a kinder choice for the environment.

Fuel unforgettable BBQs with Calor

Calor is your go-to for premium barbeque gas, available in propane and butane and tailored to your grilling needs. Whether you're hosting a family gathering or enjoying a relaxed weekend barbeque, our gas cylinders are designed to ensure your grill is always fired up and ready for those memorable moments. 

BBQ gas cylinders for every occasion

Whether you're hosting a cosy family get-together in your backyard or planning an event for a larger crowd, we have the right cylinder size to match your needs.

Choosing the right size

Choosing the right gas cylinder size is easy with Calor. We recommend our 6kg cylinder for most small to medium BBQs.
Our recommendation
6kg Patio gas bottle Contains renewable gas
While our 11kg option is designed for larger, more frequent use.

Why choose Calor BBQ gas?

Efficient, safe and reliable

Discover the benefits of Calor gas for your barbeque:

  • Consistent grilling

    Guarantees evenly cooked meals every time.
  • Easy to use

    Our quick-connect, lightweight cylinders mean hassle-free setup.
  • Energy efficient

    Enjoy a cleaner, greener burn, reducing your environmental impact.
  • Portable

    Convenient cylinder sizes let you take your BBQ anywhere.
  • Long-lasting

    Spend more time grilling and less time refilling.

Bring the heat beyond the grill

Not just for barbeques, our versatile gas cylinders are also suitable for patio heaters, so you can experience the joy of outdoor living all year!

Frequently Asked Questions

For most barbeques, propane gas is recommended due to its clean-burning properties and ability to produce high heat efficiently. This makes it ideal for cooking a wide range of foods, providing consistent temperature control for direct and indirect grilling methods.
Calor gas cylinders are available nationwide. Find your nearest retailer here. 
Our patio gas range is designed for BBQs and outdoor heating appliances. Patio gas cylinders come with a handy gauge to monitor gas levels, ensuring you never run out during cooking. Their design prioritises safety and ease of use, making them an excellent choice for both occasional and frequent BBQ enthusiasts.