Grain Drying

Grain Drying

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Grain Drying

Providing tailored energy solutions for grain farms.

Calor LPG is a clean-burning, highly controllable fuel for powering mobile and on-site grain drying. Its complete combustion process reduces both the chance of grain combustion and the possibility of water ingress or fuel sediment contaminating the grain drying process. Also, the controllability and flexibility of LPG allows farmers to dry their grain to the exact specification that their customers require. This enables them to preserve the quality of their crops and reduce waste meaning that crops are dried economically and efficiently.  

Farmers are increasingly relying on Calor for their grain drying business as no other fuel offers the same combination of portability and accessibility while also delivering substantial cost reductions in terms of efficiency. In addition to the price savings and environmental benefits, LPG is easy to operate and allows for more efficient maintenance as its cleaner burning properties means that there is no soot build up on equipment.

Flynn Family Grain Drying

The Benefits at a Glance

  • Cleaner burning fuel
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Highly controllable
  • Improved burner reliability
  • Reduced maintenance of burner
  • No risk of fuel theft
  • No risk of spillage or tainting of produce

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