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Futuria Liquid Gas

Welcome to Futuria.

Tomorrow's energy today.

Sustainable energy is the future. And as the off-grid energy experts, we’re working hard to develop a range of alternative fuels for homes and businesses across Ireland. Environmentally friendly energy that is sustainable, reliable and efficient. All whilst offering flexible choices to our customers. Futuria is the new name for our sustainable fuel products, signalling a key step on our journey to becoming a more sustainable energy provider.

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Our promise for the future.

By 2037, our centenary year, our ambition is to offer all our customers 100% sustainable energy.

Our Futuria Gas

Getting started on your path to sustainability

Join our sustainability journey.

We know that sustainability is important for our future and the planet. We also know that everyone is on their own sustainability journey. While we are working towards the same goal, we all have different routes and timelines to get there.

Our Futuria Gas offers off-grid customers the option of a flexible energy solution to plan their own sustainability pathway. As it is chemically identical to conventional LPG, the two can be blended meaning we can offer you flexible options that enable you to cut carbon emissions instantly.  You can choose which option is best for you, depending on your own sustainability goals. 

BioLPG: up to 90% carbon emissions*

*Atlantic Consulting BioLPG 2018

BioLPG: A survey of markets, feedstocks, process technologies, projects and environmental impacts. Commissioned by Liquid Gas Europe/WLPGA.

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