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Dairy Farming LPG

LPG for Dairy Farming

Efficient dairy farming with Calor gas-powered water heaters

Uninterrupted hot water for quality milk production - Choose Calor for sustainable dairy farming solutions.

Enhancing milk quality: Instant hot water solutions tailored for dairy farms

In Ireland, we know how important it is for dairy farmers to produce the highest quality of milk. That includes having an instant & constant supply of hot water on tap, to easily maintain hygiene standards. With ‘A-rated’ energy efficiency, Calor gas powered Rinnai instant hot water heaters provide the ideal solution. They produce a reliable and infinite hot water supply on demand, with temperatures of up to 85°C achievable for busy milking parlours.  
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Hear from our customers

Claxton’s Dairy Farm, Co. Waterford

Why choose Calor for your Dairy Farm

The benefits of Calor gas for your dairy farm

As Ireland’s oldest and most trusted supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Calor has a long-standing relationship with dairy farmers. With the increased pressure on the farming sector to reduce carbon emissions, Calor is reminding customers of the benefits of choosing gas to power their farm. Experience a new level of efficiency and precision in your dairy farming operations with our cutting-edge solutions.

  • Reduces carbon footprint

  • Works with all types of dairy washing systems

  • Improve TBC & reduce contamination risks

  • A-rated for energy efficiency

  • Water-pump_32x32

    Infinite supply of hot water on demand

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“Calor instant water heaters mean we've hot water on tap round the clock. And it's always at the right temperature, so our hygiene standards never drop which is really important for the health of our animals and the quality of our milk. It's more efficient too which means switching to gas has also saved us money.”

Pa O' Donovan

Dairy Farmer, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.

Contact us today to make the switch to Calor and watch your business thrive. 

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