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Guide to gas cylinders

All you need to know about gas cylinders at Calor Gas Ireland

Gas cylinders – clean, reliable, portable energy for your home and business

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Calor gas cylinders - your instant energy supply

Gas cylinders, also known as LPG bottles or gas bottles, are portable containers designed to store and transport liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). They’re a handy, efficient energy solution for a wide range of applications, including cooking, heating, and fuelling a variety of appliances. Highly versatile, Calor gas cylinders offer portability, ease of use, and reliable performance.

Where propane gas cylinders are used

What gas is in a gas cylinder?

Butane or Propane – which gas cylinder to choose?

Butane and propane are both forms of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Both have different uses and advantages.

  • Propane bottles have several advantages over butane gas for homes and businesses. Propane has a lower boiling point, making it suitable for use in colder temperatures, and a higher energy content, resulting in increased efficiency and longer-lasting fuel supply for heating, cooking and other applications. In addition, propane is also known for its versatility, as it can be used for a wide range of appliances, including grills, stoves, water heaters, and generators, providing a reliable and consistent source of energy.
  • Butane gas cylinders offer several advantages for various applications. Butane gas cylinders have a higher energy content per volume and a lower boiling point, making it an excellent choice for indoor applications like camping stoves, portable heaters and small cooking appliances providing a convenient, versatile and efficient fuel source.

What size cylinder do I need?

To determine the size of propane gas cylinder you need consider your gas usage, such as the number and type of appliances you'll be fuelling, and how often. Also your available storage space. Gas cylinder sizes range from small, suitable for camping or grilling, to large, commonly used for residential or commercial purposes.

How should gas cylinders be stored?


gas cylinder storage

Gas cylinder storage

Whether being used for home or business, safe storage of propane gas cylinders is crucial for compliance with propane gas cylinder storage regulations. A gas cylinder rack or gas cylinder cabinet will help securely store and organise cylinders, which must be kept upright, secured, and have a safe distance from any ignition sources.

In addition to proper placement, clear labeling of gas cylinders is crucial for identification and safety purposes. Each cylinder should be clearly marked with information such as the type of gas, date of manufacture, and any relevant warnings or hazard labels. This labeling ensures that users can easily distinguish between different gas cylinders and handle them accordingly. Implementing effective storage measures ensures the safety of individuals, property, and the environment. 

Gas cylinder safety tips

Gas cylinder safety tips


  • When considering gas as your energy source, first conduct a gas cylinder risk assessment, adhere to gas cylinder installation regulations and provide gas cylinder training.
  • Good ventilation and regular inspections are essential for gas cylinder safety.
  • While many appliances can be used with either propane or butane, it’s vital to use the correct gas cylinder regulator as the operating pressure for the two differs.


Frequently asked question

The price of an LPG gas cylinder in Ireland varies depending on the size of the gas bottle and the type of gas (propane or butane). Generally, the cost ranges from around €20 to €40 or more. View Calor’s range of gas bottles here or find your nearest stockist to buy a Calor gas cylinder.

The cost to refill a gas cylinder in Ireland varies depending on the gas bottle size and type of gas (propane or butane). On average, prices range from €15 to €30 or more for a refill. Contact your nearest Calor stockist for an exact price.
To open a gas cylinder valve, first ensure good ventilation, check for any damage or leaks and securely attach the regulator. Then, turn the valve anticlockwise steadily, listening for gas flow. Check for leaks with soapy water before use. Find help for Calor gas cylinders here.
Calor Gas cylinders typically contain butane, propane or patio gas - all forms of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Butane gas is best for indoor use and propane is recommended for outdoor use, while patio gas is commonly used to power patio heaters, gas fire pits, and outdoor cooking appliances.
You can buy a gas cylinder for BBQs in many places including hardware stores, home improvement centres, specialist camping shops or direct from a gas supplier such as Calor that offers a range of gas cylinders in different sizes for purchase or refill. Find a stockist near you.
Gas cylinders can contain butane, propane or patio gas - all forms of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). You can tell which is which by the colour of the cylinder. In the UK and Ireland, butane gas cylinders are typically blue, propane cylinders are red and patio gas cylinders tend to be green.

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