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Switch your Home or Business from Oil to LPG

Discover the benefits of switching from oil to LPG with Calor

Perfect for everything from cosy home heating to efficient business operations. For over 85 years, Calor Gas has been supporting homes and businesses with their energy needs providing a cleaner alternative fuel and now, making the change from oil to gas has never been easier.

Make the move to Calor.

Choosing LPG over oil is a smart move! Switching to Calor LPG for home and business energy offers lower carbon emissions* compared to oil. It ensures a reliable, versatile supply, suitable for heating, cooking, and industrial applications, offering a versatile energy   and reducing maintenance costs.

Make the Switch from Oil to LPG

Advantages of LPG Over Oil

Advantages of LPG over oil for your Business

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) presents several advantages over oil for businesses. Firstly, it is a lower carbon fuel emitting at least 10% less emissions than heating oil. If you switch to our Futuria Gas, BioLPG, carbon emission savings of up to 90% are achievable*. BioLPG is identical in appearance and performance to conventional LPG but produced from renewable feedstocks such as plant and vegetable waste material. Additionally, LPG offers efficiencies with a cleaner burn, leading to lower maintenance costs and prolonged equipment life. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including manufacturing, agriculture, farming, hospitality and manufacturing processes. LPG's storage and supply are also more secure, reducing the risk of theft compared to oil. These factors make LPG a cost-effective and sustainable energy choice for businesses. 

  • Lower carbon energy solution.
  • Lower Maintenance: Requires less upkeep than oil-based systems, saving on maintenance costs. 
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a range of applications across industrial processes. 
  • Safer Option: LPG poses lower risks of spills and contamination than oil, enhancing safety. 
  • Tailored solutions: Storage and supply solutions tailored to your requirements. 
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Advantages of LPG over oil for your Home

Choosing LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) over oil for your home brings a bundle of warm and friendly advantages! LPG burns cleanly, cutting down on emissions. This means you’re doing your bit for the planet, right from the comfort of your home. Our LPG systems sit snug in your home – compact, easy to maintain, and always there to provide reliable warmth. So, when it comes to choosing between LPG and oil, LPG will always be there making your home life a little brighter and more comfortable! 

  • Eco-Friendly: LPG burns cleaner, significantly reducing emissions and lessening environmental impact.* 
  • Compact and Low Maintenance: LPG systems require less space and are easier to maintain compared to oil systems. 
  • Reliable Supply: Steady and secure availability, reducing concerns over shortages or disruptions. 
  • Enhanced Safety: Lower risk of spills and leaks compared to oil, contributing to a safer home environment. 

How to switch

The Installation Process

Converting from Oil to Gas is simple. Our specialist teams of domestic and industrial energy experts will guide you through the steps to get your home or business set up, ensuring a seamless switch over. We’ve highlighted the 5 stages of a standard installation below - these may vary depending on customer situations or business types.

  • Step 1 - Submit a query

    Complete a contact form and we will be in touch.

  • Step 2 - Consultation 

    A member of the Calor team will call to discuss your requirements.

  • Step 3 - Installation Plan

    One of our Specialists will meet you to develop a installation plan.

  • Step 4 - Installation 

    Installation is completed through a registered gas installer chosen by you.

  • Step 5 – First Delivery

    Within a few days you can expect your first delivery of Calor gas.

Is it worth switching from Oil to Gas?

For your home.

For your home, yes! and here is why!

 Planning ahead to have one energy solution for your home heating, hot water, cooking, and laundry has potential to save you money in the long term.
Powering your home using a sustainable fuel with lower emissions is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
Gas boilers tend to require less maintenance when compared to standard oil boilers over the longer term. Better still! Switch now to Calor gas and get a free boiler
Imagine a steady, comforting warmth throughout your home. With Calor Gas you have the ability, with efficient system zone controls, to maintain the level of heat throughout the home.
The world is steering towards cleaner energy, future-proofing your home heating. and a home powered by sustainable BioLPG today is a greener home for tomorrow.
You can make great savings by availing of the various home energy grants which are currently available to Irish homeowners and improve your BER too.

For your business.

Switching can be a smart move, but it's essential to consider a few key factors: 

Gas systems are like reliable team members – they generally require less upkeep than oil systems and offer a steadier supply, meaning fewer worries about running out of fuel or dealing with maintenance issues.
As the world shifts towards cleaner energy sources, choosing Calor is the first step on your business journey to sustainability with our portfolio of renewable energy solutions. Futuria is here! 
Join the hundreds of businesses across Ireland already reducing their carbon emissions with our Futuria BIO LPG. A sustainable energy that effortlessly powers your business. It's cleaner, and produces fewer emissions, which aligns with a greener business ethos that will resonate well with your environmentally conscious customers. 
Long term savings - Initial investment in a gas setup might be higher, but in the long run, LPG is a cleaner burning fuel, reducing your businesses long-term maintenance costs.
Keeping up with environmental regulations can be never ending. With a drive towards cleaner energy sources, switching to LPG can support your business in compliance of these regulations. 
Whether it’s hospitality, farming, manufacturing, warehousing, or construction, Calor offers a choice of premium energy solutions and a reliable, low maintenance gas supply to keep businesses running. 

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