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Calor Patio Gas

No matter the weather, keep your outdoor space cosy and inviting.

Whether hosting a get-together or unwinding alone, Calor patio gas offers a convenient and controllable way to enjoy outdoor living - rain, wind, or shine.

Your All-Weather Outdoor Living Solution

Calor patio gas is the perfect partner for your patio gas heater. Compatible with a wide range of patio heaters and fire pits, it's your cosy companion for all-weather outdoor living

Find your perfect fit

Choosing the right size

Our recommendation
6kg Patio gas bottle Contains renewable gas

Why choose Calor patio gas?

Feel the Calor difference

  • Simple to use

    Straightforward, hassle-free installation and control.
  • Cleaner

    Breathe easier with lower emissions compared to traditional fuels.
  • Versatile

    Perfect for warming every corner of your outdoor space.
  • Reliable

    Enjoy consistent, adjustable heat on demand.

Safety comes first

Our expert safety tips for your peace of mind

  • Proper ventilation

    Ensure your heating area is well-ventilated to maintain air quality and safety. 
  • Safe storage

    Keep your cylinder upright and stored away from children and flammable materials.
  • Regular checks

    Regularly inspect your heater and cylinder for any signs of leaks or damage.
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Fuel fuss-free BBQs with Calor

BBQ gas cylinders for every occasion

Calor patio gas is not just for heaters. Achieve the perfect barbecue with our versatile multi-use cylinders

Frequently Asked Questions

Patio gas is primarily propane, specifically tailored for outdoor appliances like patio heaters and BBQs. Calor’s patio gas cylinder has a blend of BioLPG designed to provide efficient and reliable heating in outdoor environments.  
Absolutely! Calor patio gas cylinders are versatile and can be used for heating your patio and fueling your barbeque. This makes them a perfect all-in-one solution for your outdoor living space.  
We recommend using propane-based patio gas for most patio heaters. It’s designed to provide efficient, consistent heat, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain warm and inviting.