Emergency Information

In case of emergency

  • Extinguish all naked flames or ignition sources
  • Turn off all gas appliances
  • Do not turn on or off any electrical equipment
  • Turn off the gas supply at the emergency control valve on the pipe, tank, cylinder or meter
  • If the leak is indoors, open doors and windows to increase ventilation
  • Call Calor on the Emergency Numbers: ROI 01 291 6229 or NI 0845 075 5588
  • If the leak is from a butane cylinder inside then move the cylinder outside to a well-ventilated location, if it is safe to do so
  • Call the Emergency Services and inform them of the presence of any gas tanks or cylinders
  • The gas supply should be turned off if practicable and safe to do so
  • Call Calor using the Emergency Number: ROI 01 291 6229 or NI 0845 075 5588 so that the source of CO emissions can be identified and corrected
  • Open all doors and windows to increase the rate of ventilation
  • Where possible turn off all fueled appliances (including cookers) and stop using them. Any appliance burning oil, solid fuels or gas could be responsible
  • If the Alarm continues evacuate the property leaving the doors and windows open
  • Do not re-enter the property until the alarm has stopped
  • Seek medical help immediately for anyone suffering from the effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning such as headaches, nausea, etc and advise that Carbon Monoxide poisoning is suspected.
  • If urgent call the emergency services

    • Headaches
    • Breathlessness
    • Collapse
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Loss of consciousness
  • Do not use the fuel burning appliances again until they have been checked and cleared for use by a competent person according to national regulations.

(Read your CO Alarm user instructions to develop an understanding of its functions and alarms).


Metered Estates

Moving in or out

Are you moving in to or out of a home with a meter? Then, read these few FAQs:

You will need to contact the Meter Support Team on 01 450 5000 (ROI) & 028 9045 5588 (NI) in order to set up a new  account. Please ensure you have obtained a reading from your meter on the day you moved in.
Your meter will either be in a brown box at ground level or in a white box which is recessed into the wall. This may be located on the perimeter of your property or in a communal area. If you are unable to locate your meter please contact your landlord/letting agent or management company.

You will need to contact the Meter Support Team on 01 450 5000 (ROI) & 028 9045 5588 (NI) in order to close your account. Please ensure you have obtained a reading from your meter on the day you moved out.  We will use your closing meter reading to generate your final bill.

If you have paid a security deposit, this can be used towards your closing balance. If this is lower than the deposit amount, you will then be entitled to receive a refund of the remaining credit. Please have your bank details to hand when you call to close your account. Refunds will be processed within 14 working days and your forwarding address will be required. 


Meter Replacement Programme

Frequently asked questions about meter replacements:

Here at Calor we constantly striving to improve your customer experience. As part of this commitment we are currently replacing older gas meters in your area with new more advanced models. 
Metered customers will be notified in advance when our Meter Replacement Programme will be taking place in their area. Customers will receive two letters and a phone call from our Meter Replacement Team prior to the exchange. If they are unavailable during the time allocated to your estate please let us know by calling the contact number on the letter.

A Calor Area Technical Supervisor will call to your area to assess the works required.

As scheduled a Calor Approved Contractor will come to your area and your property to remove your existing meter and replace it with the new meter.

While our contractor is replacing your meter we will need to temporarily turn off your gas supply.

Before turning off your gas supply and removing your existing meter our contractor will carry out a safety check of the complete installation.

Before your gas supply can be reinstated, your installation/appliances must pass a safety check, therefore it is essential that there is someone at the premises to allow us gain access.

We will also be carrying out a safety inspection as per I.S. 813 Annex E. This is an additional safety check we are providing free of charge to our customers to ensure that the internal pipe work and LPG appliances are operating in a safe manner.

Calor are undertaking this meter replacement programme to ensure that we continue to provide customers with an excellent service and maintain a modern network using the next generation of gas meters.

You will receive a notification letter early in the year and a more detailed letter approximately 2 weeks before work is to commence.

A standard meter exchange typically takes no longer than 1 hour. This also allows for all safety checks. It should be noted however that unexpected complications may take longer but every effort will be made to ensure that interruption to your supply is kept to a minimum. 
In order to meet current regulations and to further improve the installation your meter may be relocated however should it be relocated it will be kept as close to the original location as possible. Costs associated with the relocation will be covered by Calor*.

Installation of replacement meter

Frequently asked questions related to installation of a replacement meter:

All costs associated with replacing the meter will be covered by Calor including safety checks however costs associated with work on the customer installation will not be covered by Calor should it be required and shall remain the responsibility of the homeowner. 

Yes, your gas supply will be temporarily turn off while your meter is being exchanged.

Although every effort will be made to ensure that interruption to your supply is kept to a minimum it is important to note that, your gas supply may be left off if we are unable to access your property to carry out all safety checks or we do gain access to the property but your installation fails the safety check.

This is the part of the installation that you, the homeowner are responsible for. This includes all pipework, fittings and appliances after the meter outlet.

Should your installation require repairs, you should engage a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) (ROI) or a Gas Safe Registered Installer (NI) to carry out any necessary works, as this is the responsibility of the home owner. To find a Registered Gas Installer or a Gas Safe Registered, please visit www.rgii.ie rel="noopener noreferrer" or www.gassaferegister.co.uk

Please note, it is an offence for any person to carry out domestic gas works on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) appliances/installations unless they are a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) with the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) or www.gassaferegister.co.uk. 


You will be required to contact the Calor Approved Contractor (Contractor) to arrange a suitable time. If the Contractor is no longer on site you are required to contact our Meter Replacement Team on  ROI  01 450 5000 or NI 028 9045 5588. Only Calor authorised personnel can re-admit the gas supply to your installation.

As part of the meter exchange programme Calor will carry out a safety inspection to ensure your installation is fit for purpose and that the gas is getting to each of your LPG appliances. 

Calor will be carrying out a safety inspection on the internal gas pipe work and PLG appliances in your house in compliance with I.S. 813 Annex E.

You will be contacted in advance advising you of when our contractors will be on site. Our contractors are generally on site for a number of days and it is possible to arrange a time within this timeframe. Should you be unavailable during this timeframe you are required to contact our meter replacement team in ROI on 01 450 5000 or NI 028 9045 5588 to arrange an appointment time. 
When the meter at your property is being replaced we will record the old and new meter details including the meter readings. You will be billed for the amount of gas used on the old meter soon after the meter is replaced and any gas used on the new meter will be billed as per your usual billing period.

Calor Contracted Personnel will carry photo ID badges identifying them as Contractors for Calor.

*Calor shall not be responsible for the cost associated with the relocation of a meter where it has been made non-compliant as a result of the customer’s actions.  


Bulk Gas

General about LPG tanks

Calor will have supplied a common padlock key to the customer to allow access to valves and gauges. Our drivers will have the same key. Float gauge dials on tanks are about the size of a watch face and have graduated indications of contents. The dial face is protected by either a white Perspex cover which needs to be removed or a metallic hinged cover which can be lifted to view the gauge. On dials with percentages the tank will be full at approximately 85% as space is always left above the liquid for vapour to be drawn off.

For more information on how to check your tank gauge, see the following video: 


Telemetry is a monitoring device that is attached to the float gauge of a tank.  Readings from the gauge are taken periodically and the information is automatically transmitted back to our systems.  We use this information to accurately schedule automatic deliveries for those customers that have chosen to be on our Automatic Top Up service.  

For ROI go to the RGII Registered (ROI)  website. For NI go to Gas Safe Registered (NI) website.

Calor owns the gas tank that it has supplied to you to facilitate you having LPG gas in your home or business. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

As Calor is the owner of its gas tank only Calor can supply gas to the tank.

Ordering gas for tank

If you are a “Top-Up” Customer:

 You do not need to order gas.

Using innovative technology we monitor your usage and automatically arrange a delivery of gas when needed.  We monitor your usage so there is nothing for you to do.


If you are a “Order Only” Customer:

There is a contents gauge on the top of the tank. Calor recommends that you order when the gauge reads 25%. Please make sure to check the contents of the tank regularly and keep in mind that you need to allow up to 5 working days for the tank to be filled.

The minimum amount of gas that we can deliver is 400 litres of gas.

Please allow a minimum of 5 working days for delivery after ordering.


The most up to date balance is always available online. Your most recent bill or statement will also show you the balance as at the statement date.  (pdf understanding your Calor bill (ROI and NI))

Your Calor balance forward bill (BFB) is broken down into three main sections:

1) Your Calor Account information – account number, delivery address etc.

2)  The financial transactions on your account since your last bill, this includes all payments, credit, gas deliveries for the billing period.

3) The charges on your account, this includes a comprehensive breakdown of the gas charges, standing charges and discounts applied, for the billing period.

A more detailed breakdown of your bill is available here (link to pdf)

Yes, simply register online on mycalorgas.com and select the option for paperless billing. The information you need to register your account will be on any of the bills we have sent you in the past. 

The tank(s) which holds your gas supply remains the property of Calor. This means that we take responsibility for the safety of the gas tank, ensuring that it is at all times maintained to the highest possible industry and national regulatory standards. Here are some of the measures we take to ensure your peace of mind:

  • Each time we make a delivery of gas to you, our driver performs a visual inspection of the gas tank. If the driver has any concerns about any aspect of the tank from a safety and general maintenance point of view they will immediately report this to our Installations and Maintenance Department. Further inspection will be carried out by one of our experienced gas installers. Who will carry out any maintenance work that may be required. 
  • All of our tanks are subjected to a full test and re-qualification on their 10th anniversary. These tests are performed by our maintenance personnel and are an important part of our commitment to your safety.
  • All fittings we use on our tanks are to the highest industry and national regulatory standards.
  • All tanks have a unique identifier number which means that we can keep a full record of their history and schedule maintenance when required.
The daily standing charge for you as domestic user depends on the type of tank you have. For an above ground tank the daily charge is 16.9p plus 5% VAT. For an underground bulk tank the daily charge is 24.57p plus 5% VAT. 
Domestic bulk tank customers will receive a bill every time we deliver gas. Meter customers will receive a gas bill four times in the year. If you have not received a paper bill from us, you are probably signed up to our paperless bill option. This means you will get an email or text notification to view your bill online. 


Calor offer all of the traditional payment methods to our Customers. You can pay over the phone, online, directly through the bank or you can set-up a direct debit. 
When we set-up you customer account you can decide how you wish to pay us. 

Once registered you can make a payment 24/7/365 using your Debit or Credit Card.

Direct Debit 
For ROI Customers, we can set up your Direct Debit, over the phone, online or you can submit a paper form.
For our NI Customers, we have to post you a form to complete.

Over the Phone
You can call directly through to our dedicated payment team and pay using your debit or credit card.

Directly into Ulster Bank 
If you wish to make payments directly into any Ulster Bank branch you need to use the following bank account details. Remember to quote your Calor account number. (Which you will find on your invoice or statement)

ROI Customers:
IBAN: IE50ULSB98504019516024

NI Customers:
Account number: 55766019
Sort code: 980010


You can send a cheque to the following address. Please ensure your Calor account number is written clearly on the reverse of the cheque and the cheque is signed. 

ROI Customers:
Calor Teoranta
Longmile Road
Dublin 12

NI Customers:
Calor Gas Northern Ireland Ltd
Airport Road West 


Yes. Dates available: 1st-28th of the month in ROI and 10th or 28th in NI. 
Yes we do, we call it EasiPay. EasiPay will spread the cost of your full year’s supply of gas and standing charge over twelve months. A fixed amount is processed monthly by direct debit. We will review your account during the year and if your Easi Pay plan is not in line with your consumption we will be in touch with you with a request to increase the monthly amount or alternatively make a payment on your account. The EasiPay option is available to domestic customers subject to terms and conditions.

We have designed our EasiPay Plan to help you to spread the cost of your peak fuel bills throughout the year. If you have already been a customer for 12 months, your EasiPay plan will be calculated based on an average of your usage over the 12 months. New customers are set at a minimum of €80 / £80 and reviewed during the year. If your EasiPay payment plan is not in line with your consumption we will be in touch with you to request an increase in the monthly amount, or alternatively, you can make a payment to your account.

The EasiPay Payment option allows you to pay us for your full year’s supply of gas and standing charges in 12 equal monthly planned payments. We will continue to supply your gas on a regular basis. A fixed amount is processed by Direct Debit on the 28th day of each month for ROI customers, and on the 10th or 28th day of each month for NI customers.

This can be done by contacting the customer support teams on ROI  01 450 5000 or NI  028 9045 5588, who will make the changes on our internal systems and ensure you understand rules and process of the EasiPay service.
This can be done by contacting the customer support teams on ROI 01 450 5000 or NI  028 9045 5588, who will make the changes on our internal systems and ensure you understand how the variable direct debit process works.
This is a standard operation for all banks. All you need to do is contact your new bank and they will switch all your direct debits for you.

Twice yearly, we carry out a review of your account to ensure you are paying the correct monthly amount to cover your energy costs. 

  • We review your Calor invoices for the last year and then estimate what your total costs will be for the next 12 months. 
  • We then include your present account balance (debit or credit).
  • The total amount to be collected is then calculated to give your new monthly payment.
  • A letter is sent to inform you of any adjustment.

Please note: if your account is in credit, you may be entitled to a refund subject to a review of your account. 

If you are having problems paying a bill, first thing to do is to contact us on ROI  01 450 5000 or NI  028 9045 5588. The sooner you do, the easier it will be for us to offer help and advice.
Changing details on accounts is an internal process, all you need to do is contact the Customer service team and they will bring you through the process.
If you pay by EasiPay direct debit, it is normal to build up a credit over the summer months. The credit will then be used during the winter when you are likely to use more energy. You can still request a refund, but your future direct debit payments may need to change.
Please allow 7 – 10 working days from your request. Payment of a refund is made directly into your bank account.

Yes. To permit an individual to access your Calor account, download the following nomination form. Please note that Calor can accept payments from non-account holders however, we will not disclose any information relating to your Calor account such as your account balance to the non-account holder.

In accordance with the Data Protection Acts of 1988 and 2003 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 for ROI customers and the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 for NI customers, Calor will not disclose any information relating to your Calor account to a non-account holder unless you have provided the permission for the non-account holder to access such information via a nomination form.

Please note that a returned and completed nomination form provides the permission for a non-account holder to access your Calor account and that you are consenting to that person having access to any and all information to do with that Calor account.

Please allow five working days for your Calor account to be updated.
(Link to account nomination form)

You can now pay your bill by card over the phone using our 24 hour automated payments system. Please have your account number and the card you wish to pay your bill with ready.
In order to maintain the highest level of service we may record and monitor telephone calls.

Becoming a Customer

New Business

Our Home Energy brochure and more information on Calor Gas central heating can be found in our dedicated Home section here: (insert link to “For Home” section: http://www.calorgas.ie/for-home/ ) You can also call our Home Energy Support Team on 01 533 2009 / 02890 7353 48 or request a call back by completing your contact details here: http://www.calorgas.ie/switch/apply/ 
Yes, we provide Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) bulk storage tanks for domestic and commercial uses. Tanks come in different shapes and sizes, and can be placed above or partially below ground – our specialists will assess your site and make a recommendation based on your needs. For more information please click on the following link (tbc) 
We look after delivery of the tank. You can use or source your own registered gas installer from RGII Registered (ROI) or Gas Safe Registered (NI) installer. Alternatively, we can recommend a registered installer in your area.
Yes you can. Once you are out of contract or soon to be out of contract with another supplier it is a very straightforward switching process. Just get in contact with us on ROI 01 450 5000 or NI 028 9045 5588 and we will bring you through the steps.
Yes the Energy Supplier who owns the gas tank will be the only Company permitted to supply gas into that tank. 
Yes. We can provide cylinders for any or all of the following appliances, gas oven, hob, tumble dryer and fire. Don’t forget that, if you switch from oil to gas, you can run central heating and appliances from one supply: https://shop.calorgas.ie/
Yes. A bulk tank would typically be the best option for Calor central heating however if there is a space or safety concern we can discuss if cylinders are an appropriate solution for you.

Cylinder Gas

General about cylinders

Yes and No.  Yes for BUTANE cylinders – Yellow & Blue.  No for PROPANE Cylinders – Red, Silver & Green   
No. You have purchased the gas stored in the Calor Cylinder. All Calor branded cylinders are not for sale and are at all times the property of Calor and are only to be filled by Calor Gas. 
You will be subject to a Cylinder Service Charge.  This is a charge for the use of the Cylinder. Calor request that you register this charge with Calor.  You need to complete the Cylinder Service charge registration form with the receipt from the retailer and return them to Calor. Please register your cylinder here.
Yes.  All small cylinders up to 13.15 Kg can be returned 1 for 1 without incurring a further Calor cylinder service charge.  Large cylinders (19 – 47 Kg) can be similarly returned.  If you wish to return a small cylinder for a large one there is an additional cylinder service charge.

Yes.  Provided that you can comply with the following: 

1. Register the Cylinder Service Charge with Calor;

2. Return the cylinder to your local Calor retailer;

3. Complete and return the Cylinder Service Return Form to Calor.  

We will refund you partially based on the cost of the service charge, which is worked out on a sliding scale. For a refund to be processed proof of purchase must be provided.

Within 1 year of purchase= 70% refund

Within 2 years of purchase = 60% refund

Within 3 years of purchase = 50% refund

Within 4 years of purchase = 40% refund

Within 5 years of purchase = 30% refund

Within 6 years of purchase = 20% refund

Within 7 years of purchase = 10% refund

Over 7 years after purchase = no refund

We recommend that you return Calor Cylinders to your local Calor Retailer.  A comprehensive list can be found in the CYLINDER Section, click on find your local retailer and enter your location in the box provided.  Note: for LARGE cylinders (19 Kg size and above) please contact the Retailer in advance.
In the Republic of Ireland the types of Gas remain the same.  All Calor cylinders contain either Propane (Red/ Green / Silver) or Butane (yellow or Blue) LPG.  In some cases the valves at the top of the cylinders are different, if you contact our Cylinder Customer support team and provide details of the Cylinder valve required they will be able to advise where replacement cylinders can be sourced.  Alternatively, a comprehensive list of Retailers and the stock type available can be found in the CYLINDER Section, click on find your local retailer and enter your location in the box provided. 
You can bring your empty cylinders to your local Calor retailer and they will take them from you.

Yes you can. You will need to purchase an LPG appliance – this appliance will need to be installed by an RGII / Gas Safe installer.

For Republic of Ireland go to the Registered Gas Installers of Ireland website. For Northern Ireland go to Gas Safe Register website.

No, they are not. You will need to check the valve type on the cylinder and type of gas in the cylinder. This information will determine the regulator you need. Please check with your local Calor retailer for advice.

Calor owns the cylinder, you are buying a fill of gas. You will need to pay a cylinder service charge for the use of the Calor cylinder which covers the cost and maintenance of the Calor cylinder.

Calor request that you register this charge with Calor.  You need to complete the Cylinder Service charge registration form with the receipt from the retailer and return them to Calor. Please register your cylinder here.

Download our Midwest Calor Heater Promotion Terms & Conditions document here.
  1. The shell of each cylinder is visually inspected as it enters the filling area.
  2. The base of each cylinder is visually inspected.
  3. The valve and the tare disc retest date of each cylinder is visually inspected.
  4. The gasket of each cylinder is inspected/replaced as required.
  5. The cylinder is leak tested as it goes though the filling process
  6. The valve is leak tested after the filling process
  7. The weight of the filled cylinder is rechecked at the end of the filling process.

Assuming a cylinder passes the above tests, it is then sealed/clipped to indicate that it has been filled safely and has passed our safety and quality checks.

If a cylinder fails inspection at any point, it is set aside for further inspection. It is then either sent to our refurbishment plant or degassed and destroyed.


All Calor cylinders (old or otherwise) are visually inspected when they arrive to the plant. Damaged cylinders (gouges, dents, cuts, bent shrouds/bases) are selected for destruction and put to one side. These are inspected again by a trained operative. If they are deemed unusable then they are degassed and put beyond use (crushed). The waste metal is then sent to a recycling plant.

Regulators for cylinders

A regulator is the connection piece that joins the valve of the Calor Cylinder to the hose from the appliance. It regulates the pressure and flow of LPG from the cylinder to the appliance as required.

Depending on the appliance in question the regulator will be set for either Propane or Butane LPG. If there is no regulator fitted to your appliance, please refer to the manufacturer’s guide.  This should include which type of gas is to be used with the appliance.

A full range of available regulators is available in the Toolbox section of the SHOP menu


Follow our step by step guide on how to connect a regulator to our Calor 11kg patio gas bottle.



Follow our step by step guide on how to connect a regulator to our Calor 11.34kg butane bottle:



The Health & Safety Authorities (e.g. HSA) recommend that all Gas appliances are serviced annually by a Registered Gas Installer.  A list of Registered Installers in your local area can be found on the RGII website, www.rgii.ie.

The HSENI recommends that all gas appliances are serviced every 12 months by an appropriately qualified Gas Safe registered installer. There are relevant statutory duties applicable to employers and landlords in this respect. A list of Registered Installers in your local area can be found at www.gassaferegister.co.uk

Like all fuels, LPG is capable of producing Carbon Monoxide if incomplete combustion is present, i.e. they are not burning efficiently.  An annual service by a registered installer is recommended to check for this.  A list of Registered Installers in your local area can be found on the RGII website, www.rgii.ie.  
All LPG appliances that require installation must be installed and connected by an RGII approved gas installer.  A list of Registered Installers in your local area can be found on the RGII website, www.rgii.ie.   

My Calor Gas

Your account with Calor Gas

MyCalorGas is your online self-servicing portal. To view your account information and manage your bills please register and log in at https://www.mycalorgas.com/

All you need is an email address, your Calor Account Number and the first line of your Billing Address. 

Click on the link provided on https://www.mycalorgas.com/ and follow the steps outlined to complete your account validation and set up.


Your MyCalorGas account functions will be tailored to how you have selected to manage your Calor Account. The basic functionality like most online applications will allow you to order gas, make payments, view transaction and usage information.  You will be apply to sign up to promotions and discounts when available. If you have multiple Calor accounts you will also be able to link them in MyCalorGas.

No problem, if you are experiencing technical issues please contact our Customer Support Team on ROI 01 450 5000 and NI 028 9045 5588.