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Improving Operations Efficiency

A variety of successful improvement activities


Since 2013, Calor Ireland has been working on efficiency improvements in our bulk delivery fleet. These activities – made possible by the continued hard work of our Operations Department – include the roll out of Tank Telemetry, an ORTEC Route Scheduling approach, and EcoDriving Training. Since 2013, they have contributed to a 10% efficiency increase in terms of litres of diesel consumed per metric ton of LPG delivered. This efficiency improvement resulted in financial savings of €140,000 (140,500 litres of diesel). But more importantly, they saved 1,430,000 kWh of energy and reduced CO₂ emissions by 376,800 kg.

EEOS drives cost avoidance benefits

At the same time, the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS) has driven Calor to reduce our energy consumption and that of our customers. Energy savings from these improvements have resulted in a cost avoidance of approximately €40,000, as Calor did not have to purchase energy credits from the market.