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Futuria Liquid Gas

Cutting carbon emissions your way

Our Futuria Gas offers you a flexible energy solution to start your own sustainability journey, your way. Join the hundreds of homes and businesses across Ireland who have made the switch and are already cutting their carbon emissions.

What is Futuria Liquid Gas?

A sustainable twist on LPG.

Our Futuria Gas - BioLPG, is made from a blend of wastes, residues and sustainably sourced materials. And it’s a like-for-like replacement for LPG: same performance, lower carbon footprint.

Futuria at home

An energy all-rounder

Use it anywhere you’d use standard LPG, but with up to 90% fewer carbon emissions, * depending on which of our flexible plans you choose.

  • Ready for anything
    Futuria Gas can power it all – from instant hot water and cosy heating for homes to enjoying the outdoors powering gas BBQs and patio heaters
  • The cook’s favourite
    An instant, easily adjusted flame so you always keep the perfect temperature
  • Virtually theft-proof
    Unlike oil, our energy is virtually impossible to steal. So you can sleep easy.

For business

Forklift Trucks

Fancy making an immediate impact on your business’ carbon footprint. You can switch your forklift fleet to run on our Futuria Gas and cut your emissions instantly.  No need to switch equipment, you’ll get the same power and performance as with conventional LPG. Stacks up nicely.

  • 24/7 power
    Quick and easy refuelling as there’s no lengthy downtime for recharging.
  • Stay flexible
    Forklifts running on Futuria Gas can operate inside and outside.
  • We’ll work out what works for you
    We’ll find what’s best: on-site refuelling or our lightweight cylinder option.


From large-scale venues, hotels or restaurants to guesthouses or mobile caterers, our Futuria Gas means you can cut emissions instantly and stand out from the crowd with your sustainable credentials.

  • Happy chefs, happy customers
    Like with LPG for hotels, your chefs will have an instant and controllable flame.
  • Efficient and versatile
    Cut emissions right across the business with one fuel for your heating, cooking, hot water and even drying the laundry.
  • Storage solutions to suit you
    No matter what size or location, we will have a fuel solution to suit your needs.

How's it made?

The science of sustainability

The technical name for our Futuria Gas is BioLPG because it comes from the biodiesel production process. This is a simple overview of the production process:

Step 1

A fresh start

It all starts with a ‘feedstock’ of waste oils and fats. It needs a series of treatments to clear out contaminants.

Step 2

Separating and purifying

The fuel mix still contains oxygen, which need to be removed. A process called‘ hydrogenolysis’ takes care of that, using hydrogen atoms.

Step 3

Time to refine

During refining, ‘off gases’ are captured. They might sound like something we'd want to get rid of, but they’re the exact opposite.

Step 4

Futuria gas

For every tonne of biodiesel produced, 50kg of Futuria Gas is generated from off gases.

Step 5

A sustainable solution

A final round of purifying, and Futuria Gas is ready to go to businesses and homes. The best part: it’s chemically identical to traditional LPG, so while carbon emissions come down, performance stays at 100%.

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BioLPG: up to 90% carbon emissions*

*Atlantic Consulting BioLPG 2018

BioLPG: A survey of markets, feedstocks, process technologies, projects and environmental impacts. Commissioned by Liquid Gas Europe/WLPGA.