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home energy tank

Calor LPG storage options

Discover ideal gas storage solutions with Calor.

No matter the size of your home, we have a solution. Seamless gas storage for homes located off the grid.

Calor Tank Storage Options

Your home is your most important asset, we can work with you and your registered gas installer, to select a gas storage system suitable for your home. Calor offer a range of storage systems, they come with no purchase cost, as the tank remains the property of Calor. We maintain the tank for a nominal fee.
Bulk Tank

Calor Installation process.

Check our our range of storage options below

semi mounded tank

Semi Mounded Tanks

A semi mounded tank is the best option for a discrete, out of sight storage system.  The only thing visible is a small mound and a green cover, through which our delivery driver will refill your tank.  The rest of the tank is buried out of sight.

over ground tank

Above-ground Tank

This is the most common installation for domestic properties.  The gas tank is installed on a concrete or pre-fabricated base in your garden.  Providing gas for all your home energy needs; heating hot water, cooking or a gas fire. 

Gas cylinders for business


For houses that have limited space, LPG cylinders can provide an excellent storage alternative.  Our 47kg domestic cylinder is the ideal solution. These are normally installed in pairs, with an automatic switch over, to ensure you do not run out of gas. 

Is it easy to make the switch?

We make it easy. Our dedicated team of home energy experts will help you through the switching process. We'll always be there to ensure your gas is topped up, your tank is serviced, and our customer care team are just a phone call away should you ever have any queries or concerns. Below is the step-by-step guide for switching to Calor.

  • Register your interest

    We’ll arrange for our Energy Consultant to visit & assess your energy needs.

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  • Tailored for you

    We’ll work out the best way to convert your home to gas and the best payment options.

  • Your boiler installation

    Your chosen Gas Installer will fit your brand new ‘A’ rated LPG boiler.

  • Up and running

    Your Installer will connect your boiler to your gas tank, & arrange your first gas fill.

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Switch to Calor Enjoy the benefits of gas
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