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Our Greengear range of LPG powered water pumps from Calor will help you work cleaner and save energy costs. Recent years have seen an increase in flooding events. Homes, farms and businesses have suffered substantial damage from rising waters. In these emergency circumstances, water pumps are the key to protecting your home or livelihood.

When you need to pump water, you can depend on a Calor gas powered Greengear Water Pump. Our lightweight aluminium water pump can be used in civil and agricultural applications including:

  • emergency situations
  • draining or aerating fish ponds
  • Pumping water in and out of areas.

Greengear Water Pumps, powered by Calor, operate with less refuelling, meaning that they can work for longer, up to 47 hours. Calor LPG water pumps also use significantly less energy, so they are up to 30% cheaper to run.* They are also more reliable and less likely to suffer downtime. Reliability is everything in a crisis situation and Calor is the brand that will deliver for you when you need it most.

Calor LPG water pumps come in a range of sizes, with outputs from 416 l/m up to 1166 l/m. The WP-3S model features the ability to empty large areas containing sewage, for particularly tough jobs.

Our gas-powered water pumps are compatible with Baur or Camlock couplings.

We also supply a wide range of generators. Read more or visit our shop directly to buy a generator today.

WP 2 2” Recoil 416 l/m 7m / 22ft 30m/98.4 ft
WP 3 3” Recoil 700 l/m 7m / 22ft 25m/82.2 ft
WP 4 4” Recoil 1166 l/m 7m / 22ft 25m/82.2 ft
WP 3S (sewage) 3” Recoil 750 l/m 8m / 25.6ft 25m/82.2 ft


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