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Calor LPG Autogas

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Autogas is increasing in popularity worldwide, with over 16 million vehicles now being powered by LPG. Calor Autogas is a proven fuel solution for vehicles, offering cleaner and cheaper driving. An additional benefit to drivers and fleet operators is that Calor Autogas is now BioLPG, a 100% renewable fuel option so offers even greater environmental benefits.

Switching to BioLPG Autogas offers motorists significant savings. Calor Autogas is considerably cheaper than petrol or diesel, at almost 50% less, and although a car which has been converted to run on LPG won’t be quite as fuel efficient as the petrol equivalent with usually a drop of around 10% expected, overall with the lower fuel cost, switching to Calor Autogas can reduce running costs significantly.



Refuel a dual fuel LPG vehicle

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Alternative fuel for road transport

LPG is the widely used alternative fuel for road transport. It can be used in cars and vans in the same way as petrol and is cheaper, cleaner, and greener than petrol or diesel.

Cleaner and cheaper than petrol

Cars using autogas produce considerably fewer harmful emissions than those operating on petrol or diesel. They also allow drivers make very significant cost savings at the pumps.

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Environmental benefits

What are the environmental benefits?

LPG helps to reduce your carbon footprint - it produces 17-23% less CO2 compared with petrol.

LPG has 50% less ozone forming potential, produces 40% less hydrocarbons and 40% less Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx).

One diesel vehicle emits 120 times more damaging air particles than the equivalent LPG vehicle.

Convert to calor autogas

Convert to Calor Autogas?

Do you want to substantially reduce your fuel costs by around 50% while also reducing engine wear? Converting to autogas will also improve engine smoothness and reliability, and has virtually the same power output as petrol.

Most petrol engines are suitable for an LPG conversion, and majority of LPG kits can be completely integrated with the existing fuel and engine management systems of modern vehicles, allowing you to switch between two different fuel types if necessary.

Fuel tanks can be conveniently installed beneath the boot floor, in the spare wheel well or mounted under the chassis, depending on the type of vehicle you drive. As most LPG cars are dual fuel, they can transfer between petrol and LPG at a flick of a switch.


Power your vehicle with Calor

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