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Kingspan partner with Calor to reduce carbon emissions across manufacturing sites

kingspan biolpg customer
Kingspan partner with Calor to reduce carbon emissions across manufacturing sites.

Kingspan, the global leader in advanced insulation and building envelope solutions, has announced its partnership with Calor Gas to supply 100% renewable gas to two of its manufacturing sites in a bid to reduce carbon emissions as part of its Planet Passionate Sustainability Programme. Kingspan has selected Calor BioLPG to provide a 100% renewable energy solution to its sites in Glenamaddy, Co. Galway and Portadown, Co. Armagh.

The new source of energy is an important element in Kingspan’s Planet Passionate sustainability strategy, an industry-leading decarbonisation programme with the goal of halving carbon intensity in Kingspan’s primary supply chain, and reducing its manufacturing carbon emissions to as close to zero as technically possible. 

The move to use Calor BioLPG is the final step for the Kingspan Glenamaddy site to become 100% renewable powered and will be used within the manufacturing process in Portadown. It will make a substantial contribution towards Kingspan’s goal of cutting emissions from manufacturing, as Calor BioLPG, which is certified at EU level, offers up to 90% lower emissions than existing LPG products.

Kingspan recently published its inaugural Planet Passionate Sustainability Report, reviewing the first year of progress on delivering the 10-year strategy it launched in December 2019. In 2020 Kingspan reduced emissions from operations by 5.2%, a first step towards net zero carbon manufacturing by 2030 with the intention of reducing absolute emissions to the lowest possible level.

The partnership with Calor Gas marks a significant milestone on the journey towards decarbonisation. 


Aidan Roberts, Divisional Risk Director at Kingspan Water & Energy said: “Across the manufacturing process, the building industry is a major user of energy. To make a true reduction in carbon emissions, we must look at the energy which powers our manufacturing processes. As part of Kingspan’s Planet Passionate commitments, we are on a journey towards decarbonisation. Calor BioLPG offers a compelling route to reduce carbon emissions at our sites in Glenamaddy and Portadown.

Oliver Kenny, Chief Commercial Officer at Calor:Calor is delighted to partner with Kingspan to deliver a clean, renewable fuel source for their sites in Glenamaddy and Portadown. Kingspan is a true leader in sustainably consciously business operations with an ambitious Planet Passionate sustainability programme. For Calor, the partnership with Kingspan proves a good fit, with shared values and a commitment to reduce carbon emissions and provide innovative solutions to drive our sustainability credentials. Calor BioLPG, our 100% renewable gas, and BioLPG for forklift trucks (FLT) are innovative solutions which provide an option for environmentally conscious businesses and are helping to reduce emissions in the market.”


Calor BioLPG is virtually identical to the LPG products that homes and businesses use every day. However, unlike conventional LPG, BioLPG is made from sustainably- sourced materials, including renewable vegetable oils, wastes and residues.


To learn more about Kingspan and its Planet Passionate Sustainability Report, with progress to date, view the full version at:  https://viewer.ipaper.io/kingspan/planet-planet-passionate-annual-report/