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10/02/2016 Latest News

Greengear outdoor equipment powered by Calor

Outdoor equipment powered by gas? Yes that’s right. Calor now offers fuel efficient and powerful mobile generators and water pumps from Greengear. All powered by Calor cylinders.

Sustainable technology for cleaner outdoor power

Greengear’s sustainable technology gives us new ways to use Calor LPG outdoors.  By using an efficient, cleaner-burning, lower-carbon fossil fuel, Greengear helps you work 'greener'. In turn, your equipment will need less maintenance. You will also avoid the fuel spillages and smoke trails associated with gasoline and kerosene.

Calor powered generators

Calor introduced the Greengear mobile generator range at the Ploughing Championships in 2015, sparking a lot of interest. Quieter and cleaner than petrol fuelled generators, they are available in sizes from 2kW up to 7kW. Use them to provide a low cost and reliable power source off the grid, powering everything from mobile catering vans to mobile camper vans.

Calor powered water pumps

If you need to move water, or sewage, our Greengear range of water pumps offer power and reliability. Whether it’s for flooding defence or emptying boat docks Calor gas powered water pumps can do the job.

Making your workplace safer

When you are working in outdoor situations, the ease of Calor cylinders and cartridges makes all the difference to your safety.

Combine this with Greengear's advanced technological solutions and you have the perfect outdoor equipment.

To learn more about our Greengear products, visit our Working Outdoors page or our Greengear brochure.