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08/08/2019 Local Business

Calor’s Leading Role in Game of Thrones

Calor Staff presenting BioLPG Certificates to team of Fire and Blood Production
Steven Mc Allister and Richard Alexander presenting BioLPG Certificates to some of the team from Fire and Blood Productions – Sam Conway and Laurence Harvey
For the Game of Thrones fans amongst you, it might interest you to know a little more about Calor’s leading role in the series, working closely with ‘Fire and Blood Productions Ltd.’ the special effects (SFX) team on the Northern Ireland based ‘Game of Thrones’ sets.

Calor have been delivering the GOT flames since Season 2 and right up until the Final season, designing the gas systems alongside the Game of Thrones SFX team, using some of our most experienced contractors to install and supervise installations during use. Although the SFX team use LPG regularly, it is mostly with cylinders so they had limited experience with installations of this scale, and as a result turned to Calor for technical assistance.

The first scene Calor completed was the opening episode of Season 2, on the island of Dragonstone, the statues of the seven gods were burnt to the ground by Melisandre the Red Priestess. Filmed at Downhill Beach, this sets the scene for Calor’s future role in all the seasons to come! 

Season 8 saw some of the most incredible and technically challenging special effects of the series starting with the ‘The Long Night’ at Winterfell where over 2000 metres of gas pipework was needed. The Calor team participated in many of the 55 nights of live night filming completed throughout the winter 2017/18, with temperatures sinking to -14ᵒC. When they said ‘winter is coming’- they really did mean it!

For the final episodes at King’s Landing, in a world first for the television / movie industry, Fire and Blood Productions used Calor’s new renewable energy for the special effects, Calor BioLPG. BioLPG is 100% renewable, reducing carbon footprint by up to 90% and, as proven by Drogon and Daenerys, renewable BioLPG is just as effective as conventional LPG with no impact on performance. Makes you feel better about the fate of King’s Landing, doesn’t it?

For some further insights on Calor’s role in Game of Thrones Season 8, check out the videos at the YouTube links below:
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