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24/04/2023 Sustainability

Calor Sustainability Day 2023 and Rewrite Partnership

Photo of Duncan and two members of Cool Planet

As part of Calor’s sustainability Day, Vicky Brown and Sonya Murray from the Rewrite programme joined Calor to discuss the programme and Calor’s involvement. The Rewrite programme is part of CoolPlanet Group, a family of revolutionary companies working with global industry to cool the planet as fast as possible. Rewrite is a digital climate action training programme for school children and aims to teach students about sustainability and climate change and what they can do to help fix it. Calor is a sponsor of 600 places for the programme, which aims to help educate the younger generation on issues relating to climate change and provide them with the tools to help make positive changes.

The interactive, blended learning programme is comprised of 12 modules, covering a range of topics including energy, forestry, and fashion – where students will learn about the lifecycle of clothing. The programme combines self-directed online learning, interactive activities, and offline assignments. Successful completion of the 12 modules will also count towards the Community section of the Gaisce awards that transition year students undertake.

Speaking about the programme, Catherine Ryan from Calor said: “The Rewrite programme is a fantastic programme that engages young students around the topic of climate change. Teachers are provided with the full curriculum and lesson plans for the programme, to make it easy and accessible to teach students. We have seen extremely positive feedback from both students and teachers on the programme, and its great to see the enthusiasm from the students.

Teachers have said that students become more engaged with the topic and are interested in continuing to learn more because of their sparked interest from the content in the programme.”

The programme introduces students to innovative solutions and potential career opportunities, to highlight the myriad of opportunities available.


For more information on the Rewrite Programme visit