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12/09/2019 In the community  | Latest news

Calor Shortlisted for Green Technology Project of the Year

The Plumbing and Heating Awards in association with Calor
Ireland's Plumbing and Heating Awards in association with Calor
Calor is leading the drive to a cleaner energy system. As more and more homeowners look for a renewable solution that meets their everyday heating and cooking needs, Calor BioLPG, Ireland’s first renewable gas solution, is becoming increasingly popular.   

Honouring this landmark energy transformation, Calor are delighted to be shortlisted as a finalist in the Plumbing & Heating Awards. Nominated for The Green Technology Project of the Year, the selection acknowledges the innovative and forward-thinking strides made by the Calor team. The Plumbing & Heating Awards provide a unique opportunity to recognise the achievements and developments throughout this specialised sector in Ireland. 

Calor are extremely passionate in developing and delivering green energy technology and green energy solutions.  The launch of BioLPG was seen by many as the most significant innovation in Ireland’s gas market in some years.  BioLPG is a 100% renewable energy source, made from renewable and waste sources. It reduces carbon footprint and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. BioLPG is identical in use and performance to LPG. 

Sustainability is at the heart of Calor's business strategy. By 2037, our goal is for 100% of our energy products to be derived from renewable sources. 

Being selected as a finalist for The Green Technology Project of the Year is recognition of this exciting journey. 

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