Journey to a better future

At Calor we are on a journey to transform our organisation into the leading supplier of cleaner, highly efficient energy solutions for rural Ireland. Our aim is for a better future by introducing sustainable measures, such as

  • Developing energy saving solutions.
  • Advising customers on monitoring and managing energy consumption.
  • Implementing new technologies.
  • Upgrading our facilities
  • Reducing the number of kilometers travelled through efficient fleet planning
  • Harvesting water

Sustainability programme

As a company, we adopt best practice for sustainable energy, encouraging our suppliers to do likewise. Since the establishment of The Sustainability Team in 2011, we have made significant progress across the organisation to measure, manage, coordinate and communicate actions to comply with our environmental policy. This includes;

Making our offices and plants more sustainable

Since 2009, we have been working on a refurbishment of all our offices and plants with the aim of creating a more environmentally sustainable and efficient workplace.

  • Micro Combined Heat and Power (Micro CHP) systems in our Dublin Port offices generate electricity and feed it back into the grid.
  • Air Handling Units fitted with high efficiency condensing boilers lead to heat recovery of 70%.
  • The heating systems and boilers in our filling plants were upgraded, resulting in efficiency improvements of up to 90%.
  • Water Harvesting Systems and water meters have helped to reduce our water usage.
  • Investing in logistics systems has created greater efficiency in our refuelling plants and delivery processes.

Working with our customers

Everyone has a role to play in a sustainable future. As a company we feel it is important that our customers remain as informed and empowered as they can be on sustainability issues.

We do this by communicating with customers, through trade shows, exhibitions, home energy audits and detailed information packs, how they can become more energy efficient.

To learn more about our group approach, please visit SHV Energy’s sustainability website for more details.

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