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Domestic Quick Switch Free Gas Offer 2022

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Calor Teoranta, trading as Calor Gas, Calor Ireland, and Calor Kosangas (“Calor”)/Calor Gas Northern Ireland Limited, together (“Calor”), apply only to Domestic Customers who are switching to Calor for their home energy.

2. This Offer document and these Terms and Conditions are only available to Domestic Customers for their domestic use and are not available to Business Customers.

3. This Offer is only available to Domestic Customers who have entered into an Agreement for new bulk gas installations of Calor home heating for domestic, self-build customers in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, or to customers changing from another energy supplier. This offer does not apply to change of ownership customers or metered estate customers.

4. Where a Domestic Customer satisfies the conditions set out at Clause 1 – 3 above and has entered an Agreement to switch to Calor for supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (“LPG”) for their home energy, they will receive promotional bonus worth €200 (for a Republic of Ireland customer)/£200 (for a Northern Ireland customer) and will be given in the form of a credit on the customer’s Calor account. (the “Offer”).

5. Only one offer available per Domestic Customer and any claims relating to subsequent
installations will not be valid.

6. In order to qualify, it is the Domestic Customers’ responsibility to have a central heating system installed in their home. Domestic Customers are responsible for ensuring that their
gas installation is installed by persons who have successfully completed the appropriate gas installer course, who are registered with [RGII/Gas Safe] to carry out work on LPG installations that such installations are installed in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s instructions. Calor will not be responsible or liable for or in connection with the installation of any new LPG [appliance] under this Quick Switch Bonus Offer.

7. All gas installations must be installed and certified to conform to the requirements of [Irish Standard 820 Non-Domestic Gas Installations/ Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2004], current Building Regulations and appliance manufacturer’s installation instructions.

8. Furthermore, Calor will not be responsible or liable for or in connection with the warranty or manufacture of any new LPG appliance which has been installed, for which this Calor offer has been redeemed. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that they maintain their new LPG [appliance] in accordance with the new LPG [appliance] manufacturer’s instructions.

9. The Limitation of Liability clause in the Supply Agreement will apply to the Offer as if it were set out in full herein and as if the defined term “Equipment” was defined as including “new LPG [appliance]” in the sub-clause thereunder.

10. Applications to qualify for and avail of the offer will be subject to inspection, verification and acceptance by Calor personnel.

11. The Offer is non-transferable and cannot be refunded or exchanged. There is no monetary cash value offered.

12. The Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or changed by Calor at any time and without notice.

13. The Offer is available in conjunction with the “Free Fill” or “Free Boiler”, offers only and is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

14. The Offer is valid from 1st January 2022 and ends on 31st January 2022.

15. Installations must be complete before 31st March 2022 in order to avail of this promotion.

16. Only persons aged 18 and over can apply for the Offer.

17. In the event that any of these Terms and Conditions conflicts with any of the terms of the Supply Agreement, these Terms and Conditions will prevail.

18. A Calor employee and/or a Calor third party contractor and/or any member of a Calor employee’s immediate and or extended family and/or a Calor third party contractor’s immediate and or extended family are excluded from ever availing of these terms and conditions.

19. Republic of Ireland: Calor Gas is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers in compliance with its obligations under the Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2003 and General
Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

Northern Ireland: Calor Gas is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers in compliance with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018, the UK General Data Protection Regulation (“UKGDPR”) and any legislation in Northern Ireland to implement the UKGDPR, to administer your account and to provide our services and products.