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Switch from solid fuel and start enjoying all the benefits of gas 

Running your home on coal, wood, pellets or other solid fuels can be a messy business. Keeping your stove fed with fuel and ensuring that it is cleaned out is a hassle that takes time and effort. Switching to a modern Calor Gas heating system gives you greater flexibility and takes the hard work out of heating your home.  

Calor gas fired fireplace

A Real Flame Fire

Enjoy the warmth of a real flame fire, at the click of a button, with a stylish gas fire powered by Calor gas. Finally you can have the glow of an open fire, without any of the clean up.

Cooking on calor gas

Controllable cooking

The benefits of gas cooking: Instant controllable heat, responsive temperature control, food that's cooked to mouth-watering perfection - switch your cooking to Calor, and you'll never look back.

Hot bath calor gas

Hot water on demand

Efficient combi-boilers ensure instant hot water, which is a great upgrade from the solid fuel- options. Hot water on demand will save you lots of time while reducing energy wastage as you only heat what you use.

Calor gas truck

EasiPay & automatic refills

Enjoy added peace of mind knowing you’ll never run out of gas when you choose our automatic top-up service. We have also designed our EasiPay Plan to help you to spread the cost of your fuel bills throughout the year.

100% renewable, 100% reliable

Did you know you can now also run your home heating and your appliances, including a gas cooker on a 100% renewable and reliable energy? Talk to us today about switching to BioLPG

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    Your chosen RGII Gas Installer will fit your brand new ‘A’ rated LPG boiler.

  • Up and running

    Your Installer will connect your boiler to your gas tank, & arrange your first gas fill.