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Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG

Large energy users rely on having a secure, cost effective, energy source, which they can depend on at all times. Calor Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a lower carbon fuel, available anywhere in Ireland. LNG offers a new economical energy alternative, which is significantly cleaner, to larger industrial energy users operating away from the natural gas network. 
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), is natural gas in liquid form. It is one of the most exciting forms of energy today because it can deliver all the benefits of natural gas to customers who do not have access to the gas grid. LNG is the right solution for clean, economical and efficient energy. 

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c02 savings


LNG is inherently safer than its oil-based counterparts, due to its non-toxic and non-corrosive qualities. It’s better for the environment too. The combustion of natural gas releases significantly less CO2, NOx and SOx and virtually no ash or particulates. As it evaporates rapidly when exposed to the air, it leaves no residue on water or soil.

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LNG is far simpler and more economical to produce than any other fossil fuel. It has a high calorific value in liquefied form so has potentially reduced transportation costs. Also, its price is more stable compared to other fuels, enabling businesses to forecast energy costs accurately.

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Easy to store and transport

LNG  is just as easy to transport as petrol or diesel because it does not depend on an underground pipeline network. Additionally, the process of cooling natural gas into a liquid form shrinks the volume so that the fuel occupies around 600 times less space than when in its gaseous form. This also reduces the weight of the fuel in its liquid form; as its density requires limited space, it is easy to transport.

Calor Turnkey Solutions

Calor Turnkey Solutions

Calor LNG offer proven turnkey solutions that include feasibility
analysis, engineering, equipment installation and supply. These are
complemented by full maintenance and support services to keep customers'
equipment in optimum condition throughout its operating lifetime.

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