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Switch to BioLPG 

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Powered by renewable energy.

Learn about the benefits of BioLPG for your business

BioLPG is exclusively available in Ireland from Calor and is perfect for businesses aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. BioLPG is identical in appearance and performance to conventional LPG. It is used for the same applications and equipment and transported and stored in the same tanks. There is just one important difference – how it is produced.

For us, Anam Coffee is about ... staying true to our values and BioLPG enables us to have a greener source of energy.
Brian O’ Briain  — Founder, Anam Coffee
Sustainability has been part of what we do here in Brook Lodge and the Strawberry Tree since the day dot.
Evan Doyle  — Founder, Brooklodge & Macreddin Village
We want to be as sustainable as possible and leave as little impact on the earth as we can ...
Shane Young  — Director, Killary Adventure Centre
Our whole ethos is sustainability, re-growing, regenerating woodlands,the gardens, the buildings themselves.
David Wilson  — Managing Director, Montalto Estate
Sustainability is core to our business and our philosophy here at St. Tola.
Siobhan Ni Ghairbhith  — Director, St. Tolas Goat’s Cheese
Here at Burren Smokehouse we made a choice of sustainability.
Birgitta Hedin-Curtin  — Owner, Burren Smokehouse
BioLPG ad

100% renewable, 100% reliable. 

  • 100% renewable energy
  • Made from sustainably sourced renewable and waste materials
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%*
  • Identical in use and performance to LPG
  • A portable and versatile fuel

* BioLPG reduces GHG and carbon emissions by at least 50% and up to 90%, against set values of fossil fuels, in accordance with the Renewable Energy Directive.

Hear from some local businesses that have already made the switch to BioLPG.


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BioLPG: up to 90% carbon emissions*

*Atlantic Consulting BioLPG 2018

BioLPG: A survey of markets, feedstocks, process technologies, projects and environmental impacts. Commissioned by Liquid Gas Europe/WLPGA.

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