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LNG Transport

Liquefied Natural Gas

For Heavy Goods Vehicles

Liquefied Natural Gas Transport

All across Europe and around the world, businesses run their fleets on LNG.  LNG delivers lower emissions, lower fuel prices and lower maintenance costs. With a planned infrastructure development in Ireland that includes refuelling locations in Belfast, Cork and Dublin adding to the already almost thirty LNG refuelling stations strategically located around the UK, six of which are Calor sites, transport planners and drivers need not worry about being stranded, regardless of whether they run a back-to-base or trunking operation. As the market grows Calor plans to build upon this network by offering both public and private LNG refuelling stations across the country. If you are looking for a more sustainable fuel alternative to run your long-haul fleet, Calor LNG can offer a cleaner, more cost-effective solution.