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16/11/2021 Recipes  | BBQ & Outdoor Living

Randy's Winter BBQ Recipe Series: French Onion Soup

Randy French Onion Soup
Randy's Winter BBQ Recipe Series: French Onion Soup

Welcome to the Calor Gas series of Christmas Cracker Recipes from Randy @ Home.

Randy Lewis, is a Canadian foodie, chef and travel enthusiast living in Lahinch, Co Clare. 

What sets Randy apart is that he has been travelling and enjoying the flavours of far-flung places for over twenty years bringing the flavours back to his restaurant in Lahinch.  He lives and learns through experiencing cultures and enjoying food, landscapes and experiences, in Randy’s own words “I see myself as the Phileas Fogg of food”. 


Having put down roots here in Ireland he is excited to be creating deliciously mouth-watering winter recipes which are both easy and flavoursome for Calor Gas.

Enjoy Randy’s fresh flavours and innovative approach to cooking.


French Onion Soup - Randy's Recipe from his Childhood                           


Reminiscent of growing up this is a personal favourite, one from my mother and the ultimate in comfort food.  A great winter warmer and way of using up the ends of bread and cheese you might have in your fridge. Provolone cheese is my cheese of choice but you can substitute a Swiss cheese emmental or edam or the traditional gruyere.  Cheddar can be used but contains more fat which leaves oil pockets sitting on top of the soup.



4kg Yellow onions 

2kg Red Onions 

1 head of garlic roughed chopped 

1 Litre of chicken stock

1 Litre of beef stock

1 bottle red wine 

1 block butter

1 tbsp of smoked paprika

Provolone cheese 

Toasted sourdough 


  1. Chop all onions and garlic up length wise
  2. Put into large pot and add butter and some olive oil cook until golden brown along with a smoked paprika
  3. Once golden brown add chicken stock beef stock red wine and simmer for 30 minutes tasting throughout and seasoning appropriately
  4. Toast your sourdough, preferably using stale bread, this will make the bread float better on top of your soup. 
  5. Find ovenproof bowl and fill bowl to desired level with soup and top with provolone cheese put underneath preheated grill until golden brown serve and enjoy!


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