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Domestic BioLPG Customer Case Study: Margaret Dollard

As the colder season looms, more homes are switching to Calor BioLPG to heat their homes. Margaret Dollard from Laois found that Calor BioLPG offers a quick, easy and modern way to heat her three-bedroom home.

Switching was a simple and obvious choice. As her home, which is now 32 years old, continues to age, Margaret found that the mornings and evenings were bitterly cold. Her family found difficulty in keeping warm and comfortable, particularly on colder days. By choosing to switch to Calor BioLPG, she knew that the colder days were over.

Margaret is a new customer of Calor but has found a big improvement in moving to Calor BioLPG. Speaking about the reason behind her decision, Margaret said:

“I’m here in the house 32 years and it’s cold. I wanted to find a solution that was affordable as a total retrofit is very costly. I did my research and discovered Calor BioLPG, I rang the installer in Mountrath, Co. Laois, and it went from there. The cost was a big attraction, but so too was the fact that it is totally secure, it cannot be stolen, that was a very important aspect in making the switch to Calor Gas as I live in the country-side.”

Switching to Calor BioLPG was simple and quick, according to Margaret. When it came to installation, she said:

“It was very easy. They came down and installed the boiler in the kitchen and they connected to a tank in the back garden. There was very little fuss, it was a very seamless process and it was done quickly but properly.” 

Within two days, Margaret’s home was upgraded with her new heating system including her switch to Calor BioLPG.

Since switching, Margaret has found her home is far warmer, allowing for a more comfortable life. She has also found it easier to get her granddaughter up in the mornings for school, as the house is warmer and more inviting. She was recently selected by Calor as a spot-prize winner for 500 litres of gas and would recommend Calor BioLPG as a fuel choice for a quick, energy efficient, and clean energy supply.

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