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15/10/2020 Latest News

Fun Ways To Safely Celebrate Halloween During COVID-19

Fun Activities to Safely Celebrate Halloween During Covid19
Fun Ways To Safely Celebrate Halloween During COVID-19

Choosing costumes, decorating pumpkins, and picking out sweet treats are some of the traditional highlights of Halloween. This year, in order to keep everyone safe, things may look a little different. However, there are still plenty of ways families can have fun this Halloween.

The mid-term break provides some respite for children to enjoy Halloween. It too will look very different this year with events cancelled and Halloween gatherings restricted. Of course, this should not restrict the fun and enjoyment Halloween brings!

Pumpkin Carving

This is one Halloween tradition that is still safe and great fun. Adults and children can use stencils, draw a face with markers, or draw the face on a piece of paper and trace it onto the pumpkin. Then parents can do the tricky cutting. When the carving is done, pop in a battery-operated light, a much safer alternative to a candle, and let it glow!

As always, be careful and ensure that knives are kept out of children’s reach.

Pick Autumn Leaves for a Colourful Collage

Autumn and Halloween are synonymous with the colour orange. Unsurprisingly, it is also a time when the tress and leaves around us are turning different shades of orange too. Why not grab your raincoats and woolly gloves and head off into the garden, or nearby woods or park, to gather leaves?

Carefully wash them, let them dry and then you can begin using the leaves for some lovely arts & crafts activities, like leaf pressings. 

Face Paint and Dress-up

It wouldn’t be Halloween without our best attempt at face painting! The biggest decision remains: Am I the green hulk, a princess, or a scary zombie? This is one activity that allows kids to really use their imagination and be creative.

The Story of Halloween

Many of us will know snippets of the story of Halloween, but do we know the real history of this celebration? In fact, it’s a very interesting and very Irish one. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

A quick google search and you have lots of fun facts and stories to share and discuss for the curious minds. 

Learn Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Dance Moves

This could be the big finale for your evening at home. Search YouTube for “monster mash dance,” “monster shuffle” – or choreograph your own Thriller dance! Practice, then perform, preferably in costume. Don’t forget to capture on camera for a giggle later on! It might even act as additional entertainment during the school mid-term break!

Make Halloween treats

Apples, peanuts and sweets - some of the things we look forward to at Halloween! This midterm, why not make your own chocolate apples or candied sweets. With green, black and orange colourings to decorate cakes and cookies - the options are endless! (Could we include a link here to some ideas, Super Valu have some good Halloween recipes)

Host a Video Chat Costume Party

And if you have any virtual energy left, how about you organise a costume party on Zoom. Even though Halloween parties and trick-or-treating aren’t a good idea this year, it doesn’t mean your kids, and you, can’t share this year’s costume with friends and family on a live webinar party.

Calor Care Colouring Pages

Finally, if you are looking for fun activities this mid-term break, get those creative juices flowing with our spooky Halloween inspired colouring pages available to download here:

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