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Calor Customer Spotlight: Denman Brush

Denman Brush, Calor customer, is a family-owned business, based in Bangor who design, manufacture and export hairbrushes. Denman was founded by John Denman Dean, and since establishment the company has been known for innovation and creativity.

Denman was acquired by the Rainey Family almost 50 years ago, in 1972, who continued this creativity with the launch of innovative products and tools which are now sold in over sixty countries worldwide. The Rainey family continued to foster the brand’s creative spirit and forge close partnerships with creative hairdressers in the industry. The popularity of Denman tools has grown from strength to strength and are a firm favourite amongst some of the world’s most well-known hair stylists including Paul Stafford and Mark Wooley.

As an example of their investment in innovation. In October 2019, Denman launched their brand-new Power Paddle Brush. Innovative in both design and functionality, the brush reduces hair drying time and was created in conjunction with leading salon stylists.

Speaking about Denman’s commitment to innovation, Frances Courtney, Head of Marketing at Denman said; “We take pride in Denman’s innovation and constantly keeping up with the latest trends in the creative industries.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Denman along with Denpro, their parent company, displayed their ability to adapt and their commitment to sustainability through their involvement with the HeroShield project. Denpro Plastics were involved in the creation and production of PPE through the HeroShield Project in conjunction with Crossen Engineering and Shnuggle. The project focussed on the creation and supply of face visors made from recycled plastics for frontline workers. The HeroShield Project produced over 1 million face shields for frontline workers and the National Health Service [NHS].

Sustainability is also at the core of Denman Brush. For over 7 years, Denman have used Calor LPG to power its warehouse and air heating systems throughout. From a production perspective, in 2019, Denman made a commitment to pledge ending the inclusion of single use plastics within their product packaging. Speaking about the benefits of using Calor LPG in their warehouse, Frances Courtney said: “One of the biggest benefits of using Calor LPG in our warehouse is that we never have to worry about running out of gas. Our usage is continuously monitored by Calor and Calor will top up our gas as we need it, and before we run out. It’s one great thing not to worry about.”

For more information on Denman Brush, you can visit their webpage at https://denmanbrush.com/ or find them across social media platforms @Denmanbrush