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01/06/2021 Local Business

Calor Customer Spotlight: Deli Lites

Deli Lites Ireland, a Calor customer for the past 5 years, is an award-winning gourmet sandwich food producer established in 1998 by Jackie and Brian Reid. After Jackie had spent some time in New Jersey, she was inspired by the deli scene there and realised there was an opportunity to provide Irish people with a healthy and interesting lunchtime proposition. This led to the opening of the first Deli Lites store in Newry, Co. Down.


Deli Lites began by producing a range of high-quality gourmet sandwiches. Their sandwich range was well received by customers and since then, they have broadened their offering and stayed ahead of the curve with food trends. Their handmade, food to go range includes award-winning sandwiches, wraps, salads, hot foods as well as an artisan bakery range.


Speaking about Deli Lites sandwiches, Jackie Reid confirmed: “As a brand we have come so far since we took inspiration from New Jersey. We are really proud of how much our range has expanded and evolved; we look forward to what comes next. The dream is to see our products stocked in New Jersey, where it all began.”


Throughout the course of the pandemic, Deli Lites worked tirelessly to adapt to change and be responsive to the needs of their customers. Over the last year, the business has diversified significantly, and Deli Lites have broadened their customer base by exporting their products overseas. Sustainability is a high priority for the business. They have developed a consolidated product range to maximise their efficiency and reduce waste as a business.


Deli Lites are continuously looking for ways to minimise their carbon footprint, they recognise that this is an increasingly important factor for consumers. Deli Lites have set several ambitious sustainability goals to achieve over the next year. Having conducted a comprehensive assessment of their carbon footprint through analysis of their energy consumption, they have made the decision to switch from Calor LPG to Calor BioLPG 100% renewable gas.  They plan to introduce electric vehicles into their fleet and will be installing additional solar panels on their premises. 


Awareness of their carbon footprint enables Deli Lites to adapt in an increasingly environmentally conscious world.  Switching to Calor BioLPG, Calor’s 100% renewable energy solution, is a small change that will help Deli Lites reduce their Scope 1 Carbon emissions. 


Speaking about working with Calor, Jackie Reid stated: “Since working with Calor, we have received excellent customer service and any questions or enquiries are dealt with immediately. It’s great to have a partnership that is so supportive of our business.”


Deli Lites were recently awarded Made In Northern Ireland’s Export Award for their innovative technologies which ensures their locally sourced ingredients are captured and locked in at their freshest and finest. They have also been shortlisted for several ‘Sammies Awards’ for 2021, including Sandwich Designer of the Year.


For more information on Deli Lites, you can visit their website or visit their Facebook page

04/09/2023 • In the Community | Latest News | Local Business

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