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23/09/2020 Latest News

Calor is proud to be a member of Liquid Gas Ireland

liquid gas ireland relaunch

Today Liquid Gas Ireland, the new representative body for Liquified Petroleum Gas suppliers in Ireland, launched Vision 2040, which sets out how our industry will contribute to the Green New Deal. This is a roadmap set out by the EU to decarbonise the European energy sector and help Ireland to significantly reduce emissions from heating and transport sectors. 

LPG has, for many years, provided a cleaner fuel option for Irish homeowners.  Beyond the natural gas network, there are over a million homes that could potentially switch to a lower emission energy.  Over 40% of all homes in Ireland use oil for home heating and 65% of homes in rural areas specifically, use oil. 

Switching from oil to LPG can improve heating efficiency by up to 20%, and helps to reduce carbon emissions. BioLPG, our renewable gas option, can reduce emissions by a further 90%.   BioLPG is a cost-effective way to significantly decarbonise a home, avoiding the need for costly and disruptive deep retrofitting.  BioLPG is a solution for today and for the future.

Liquid Gas Ireland estimates that if 500,000 homes switched from using oil-fired central heating to BioLPG by 2040, it would save about 1.9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

In addition to the significant reduction in carbon emissions offered by LPG and BioLPG, these fuels offer significant improvement in air quality.  Air quality is becoming an issue of real concern, not only in our cities but in rural towns and beyond.  Moving to BioLPG from fuels like coal, oil or even biomass, can significantly reduce the emissions which harm air quality.

The challenge of reducing our emissions is the greatest one facing our society over the next decade.  There are no silver bullets.  We will need wind energy, solar energy and other renewable electricity. But electricity only makes up a portion of our energy needs.  People value the convenience of gas for heating and cooking.  BioLPG allows us to meet the needs of the Irish consumer and enable them to reduce their carbon footprint.   

Our move to a more sustainable energy system must be a fair process for everyone.  Calor and other members of Liquid Gas Ireland will work with the Government and other stakeholders to ensure that that is the case.

Liquid Gas Ireland has three key recommendations for the Irish Government:


Legislate for a mixed technology approach to decarbonisation

Decarbonising heat will be necessary if Ireland is to meet its climate change targets. To do this in an effective way, policymakers need to balance emission reduction, air quality, and energy affordability challenges, all of which impact Ireland’s rural communities.

The role of LPG and BioLPG in the national climate and energy policy must be considered in order to support rural households and businesses in the energy transition.


Commit to clean alternatives to improve regional air quality

Ireland needs a strong vision for a regional approach to delivering on air quality targets.  There is little point in solving the issue of renewable energy while exacerbating the problem of poor air quality.  This must include a clear commitment to cleaner, greener alternatives. Communities off the natural gas grid need support to make the change.

LPG/BioLPG is a clean burning smoke-free fuel that supports cleaner air quality and can play a role in improving the health of rural communities across Ireland.


Prioritise a just transition

Take fully funded, sustainable, and achievable steps to bring rural Ireland along the low carbon journey.

The leap from old technology to new will leave many behind. Government policy should support cost-effective solutions like fuel-switching and support upgrade to modern, energy-efficient appliances, which are future-proofed and ready for ‘drop-in’ solutions.

LPG and BioLPG can help rural consumers and businesses achieve this transition with affordable, reliable, and sustainable options.

These recommendations can help Ireland achieve its environmental goals, while protecting the interests of rural homeowners.  Calor are committed to achieving a just transition to a low carbon economy.  We are proud to work with Liquid Gas Ireland to achieve these aims.