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19/01/2024 Latest News  | In the Community

Calor Unveil Elephant in the Room

elephant in the room

On Monday, January 15th, Calor Ireland proudly introduced its own Elephant as part of the impactful "Elephant in the Room" initiative. This groundbreaking project, centred around mental health awareness, invites individuals and companies to publicly commit to supporting overall well-being, with Samaritans Ireland chosen as the charity partner benefiting from the proceeds.

The initiative boasts a herd of over 20 elephants, each uniquely painted by renowned artists, some even bearing celebrity endorsement from figures like Adam Clayton, Charlie Bird, and PJ Gallagher.

Co-founder Brent Pope, who attended the event, shared his personal journey with mental health and the motivation behind starting the "Elephant in the Room" movement.

"I am asking every organization, business, and individual in Ireland to help raise mental health awareness while supporting charities that are literally saving lives. Let’s not be ashamed to address the ‘Elephant in the Room’ anymore, and together we will start the conversation on mental health from the schoolroom to the boardroom." (Brent Pope - Elephant in the Room)

Calor, as a firm advocate for an open culture, stands firmly behind the movement to normalise and destigmatise conversations about mental health in the workplace. As a corporate charity partner of Samaritans Ireland, Calor took the initiative to "adopt" its own elephant —a tangible reminder to prioritise mental health both at work and at home.

Duncan Osborne, Calor Ireland CEO spoke about the partnership, “Calor’s decision to join the Elephant in the Room Movement aligns with our steadfast promise to prioritise the mental health of our employees. Building on our partnership with Samaritans Ireland since 2020, this tangible step forward is a testament to our years of dedicated fundraising and promotion of mental health awareness within our organisation.”

During the summer, Calor invited its internal staff to take part in a competition to design the artwork for their adopted elephant. The winning design, titled ‘Strength in Numbers,’ was crafted by Claire Lynch, Legal Counsel in Calor's Legal Department. Inspired by how a herd of elephants operates, the design symbolises that despite their individual strength, they come together to aid a member in need, relying on each other for survival. The message is clear: you don’t need to face challenges alone; there is strength in numbers.

In addition to the poignant elephant presentation, Calor Ireland was delighted to present Samaritans Ireland with a remarkable €27,553 raised throughout 2023. The funds were generated through various initiatives, including bake sales, the 24/7 challenge, and raffles.

Calor's commitment to fostering a supportive environment and addressing mental health head-on showcases not only corporate responsibility but also a genuine dedication to the well-being of its employees and the wider community. The unveiling of their Elephant symbolises a step forward in the ongoing conversation surrounding mental health, reinforcing the importance of collaboration and support in building a healthier, more compassionate society.

For more information on the Elephant in the Room Movement click here.

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