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01/04/2021 Local Business

Calor Customer Spotlight: Crossen Engineering

Crossen Engineering, a Calor Customer, is a family-owned leading manufacturer of custom-made metal and polymer parts in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The company provides a full range of services from component design and prototyping to complete production. This includes change mould, aluminium tooling and metal pressing techniques for cost effective prototypes ahead of full production.

With over 40 years’ experience, Crossen Engineering have grown to become a leading manufacturer of custom-made parts in metals and polymers. Their success is built upon strategic partnerships with all clients, from the start of a project, to the finish.

Crossen work with a broad range of clients across multiple industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, sports, defence, construction, medical, marine, food and drink, and electrical.

Reflecting on Crossen Engineering’s expertise and customer focus, Peter Crossen, Business Development Manager, said: “At Crossen we pride ourselves on our customer service. The beauty of being a custom-made manufacturer is that you work to meet each clients’ individual need, forming strong relationships in the process.”

Since the start of the pandemic, Crossen Engineering demonstrated their adaptability through the involvement with The HeroShield Project. The project is part of a joint venture making face shields for medical workers, in conjunction with Shnuggle. Expanding its customer base further, Crossen Engineering produced plastic face shields for the Health Service Executive [HSE] and frontline workers.

Crossen Engineering’s involvement began with the physical design and production of the face shields, taking the creation from ideation to manufacturing. The HeroShield Project produced over 1 million face shields for frontline workers and the National Health Service.

Since their involvement in the HeroShield project, Crossen Engineering have been involved in a number of different projects across the healthcare sector including producing sanitising stations and nebulisers. The company continue to adapt their business operations to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Crossen Engineering have since started manufacturing their own product – the Peakshield. The idea behind the Peakshield was to create a solution to provide facial protection to someone wearing a baseball hat such as delivery drivers. This has been the first product that Crossen Engineering have designed, manufactured and marketed themselves.

Sustainability is at core of Crossen Engineering. For over 15 years, Crossen has used Calor LPG to power its factories and the overhead heating systems throughout their offices. From a manufacturing perspective, they use energy efficient machinery and where possible, will utilise lightweight equipment. Peter Crossen said; “As a company, we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon emissions, be that through our own operations and onsite initiatives, or the projects they are involved in with our clients.”

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, Crossen operate a number of initiatives across their sites. The plastic mouldings used to create solutions are made from an incomposite material, and will utilise scrap materials from plastic mouldings to re-purpose and reduce waste in their factory.

For more information on Crossen Engineering you can visit their webpage at or LinkedIn at

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