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02/07/2018 Home & Lifestyle

Calor BioLPG comes home with O’Neill Plumbing and Heating

Calor BioLPG O’Neill Plumbing and Heating

O’Neill Plumbing and Heating has achieved a little piece of history, by installing a boiler for Ireland’s first domestic Calor BioLPG customer.  Danny Cahill, from Co. Kildare, has recently become the first home owner to move to Calor BioLPG, Ireland’s first and only renewable LPG solution.  His new Worcester Bosch boiler was installed by Mark O’Neill and his team.

O’Neill Plumbing is a family business, based in Tara, County Meath, serving Kildare and the surrounding counties.  With a team of six, including husband and wife Mark and Kharol, O’Neill’s has been building a reputation for excellence for over a quarter of a century.  Mark has worked with the Calor team for many years. 

Since Calor launched BioLPG in April, there has been significant interest from homes and businesses around Ireland.  Calor BioLPG is certified at EU level, as offering up to 90% lower emissions than existing LPG products. 

BioLPG is virtually identical to the LPG products that people are used to using every day.   Because BioLPG is virtually the same as conventional LPG, it works seamlessly with existing gas appliances and equipment.  This means that domestic and industrial customers can move to using renewable energy without any hassle or major expenditure.  Existing LPG boilers, dryers and other machinery will operate just as they always have, but will now be even better for the environment.   For Plumbing and Heating experts, like Mark O’Neill and his team, this means that the technology remains the same, no need for new systems or equipment. 

Calor Sales Representative, Barry Spellman, was the man who first talked to Danny Cahill about BioLPG.  He worked with Mark and Danny throughout the installation.

“We are really thrilled to welcome Danny as our first domestic BioLPG customer.  When we first spoke to him about the new renewable offering, he was really keen to be Ireland’s BioLPG champion.  I am equally delighted that Mark and his team were involved.  Calor has worked with Mark in Kildare for many years and he has built a great business, serving the needs of the local community.”

Mark O’Neill of O’Neill Plumbing and Heating

“It is great to be involved in a little bit of history.  The launch of BioLPG gives people another reason to look seriously at switching to a cleaner heating system. They can also switch to conventional LPG now and then move over to BioLPG at a later date, with no change in equipment. They are future proofing their investment.

“Customers are getting better informed about the technologies that are available.  We work with them, to choose the most appropriate heating system to meet the needs of the homeowner.  Every home is different,  a good installer and choosing the right system can make a big difference to the customers enjoyment of their home.”

To celebrate being the first to install Ireland’s first Calor BioLPG system, O’Neill Plumbing and Heating are offering customers a special 2 year finance offer which comes with a 30% energy grant.  Now is the time to explore what BioLPG can offer your home.

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Calor BioLPG comes home with O’Neill Plumbing and Heating