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BBQ Cylinder Tips: Powering into Summer using Calor Gas

Calor BBQ Cylinder Tips

The summer months are finally here, and we all have the opportunity to spend more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather and eating some great food fresh off the barbeque. Before you head to the patio, here are some key steps when getting back into the swing of summer life and using your outdoor gas-fuelled appliances.

Which Calor cylinder should I use on my gas barbeque?

Calor’s BioLPG 6kg lightweight and 11kg cylinders are a certified renewable gas option and perfect for your summer grilling. Calor BioLPG works exactly the same as regular LPG and will work seamlessly with existing gas appliances and equipment. If a BBQ or patio heater already uses gas cylinders, then it will be able to use Calor BioLPG renewable gas.

What size cylinder do I need?

Depending on how many burners that your gas barbeque has, you may need a different sized cylinder. For a barbeque that has between one and three burners, Calor’s 6kg patio gas cylinder is the best option. If your barbeque has four or more burners, you’ll want an 11kg patio gas cylinder to make sure that your supply doesn’t stop short. This 11kg cylinder is also a great fit for using patio gas heaters too.

How do I connect my gas cylinder to my barbeque?

Connecting your gas cylinder to the barbeque is easy Calor has made the process simple with a step-by-step video on how to connect your patio gas regulator to your cylinder, which can be viewed here.

What is a gas regulator?

The gas regulator is an important element when safely using a patio or barbeque gas cylinder as it controls the pressure at which the gas moves from the bottle to the appliance. Your regulator should be correctly fitted to your outdoor appliance for your chosen cylinder, so it’s key to ensuring you’ve got the right match. Most outdoor gas appliances come fitted with a regulator. For example, Calor’s grey patio gas cylinder is compatible with a 27mm patio clip-on regulator. A local Calor retailer or distributor can help you with making sure the regulator is compatible and the connection is kept simple and secure.     

Where can I get my next Calor gas cylinder?

To find your local Calor retailer stocking Calor gas cylinders, use our hand retailer map, available here: www.calorgas.ie/retailers