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30/10/2020 Home & Lifestyle

9 Great Activities to Entertain Children on Rainy Days

9 Great Activities to Entertain Children on Rainy Days
9 Great Activities to Entertain Children on Rainy Days

With summer weather now behind us, we look towards colder weather ahead. Many Irish families have picked up some really great habits over lockdown by getting creative in their homes to keep the family occupied. While getting into the great outdoors is optimal, in Ireland it’s always good to have a Plan B!

Here are 9 activities that you can do with your kids on days where going outside simply isn’t an option.

1. Make Special Cards or Write a Letter

Everyone loves to receive a personal letter or card in the post these days, as it is such a treat and rarity! It would be an even more special treat for Grandparents, cousins or family friends who your children might not yet have caught up with and tell them about their summer and what it’s like going back to school.

Bring in some paint, crayons and markers to put their personal stamp on it. This is also a great opportunity to practice their handwriting.

2. Hold an Indoor Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are so much fun, indoors and outdoors. Write your little clues on small pieces of paper, fold and hide in various places around the house. For example, ‘What Mammy uses to hang out the clothes’ (in the peg basket), or ‘Where Santa comes down on Christmas Eve’ (in the chimney). The more obscure, the more down time you will have!

3. Build a Fort with Blankets and Pillows

Rainy day activities don’t require too much time or equipment – sometimes something simple is just what the kid’s need.

Build a den out of the sofa cushions, chairs, clothes rack with a blanket draped over or create a fort out of a big cardboard box with packing tape to hold the sides together.

4. Let the movie marathon begin

Why not make a Home Cinema? If making a fort is not your forte, why not opt for a home cinema and settle down for some family time. Get the popcorn on, blankets ready, and enjoy.

5. Tidy Out the Playroom

If you are one of the many who planned to, but never got around to doing this during lockdown, there’s no time like the present! While it may sound like a chore, as the kids start to find toys they haven’t seen for a while, they will get in on the fun!

6. Play Board Games

Board games are a classic rainy-day activity for a good reason, and it is a great way to spend time together. If the rain is down for the day, bring in the big guns like Monopoly, and team up for some healthy family competition!

7. Put on a Play or Show

Kids have such imaginations, so put it to the test and have them put on a play or show of their own creation. Allow them the use of some old clothes and props for costume and stage production, and don’t forget to film the final cut!

8. Dig Out Old Photos and Albums

Kids love looking at old photos and hearing stories, so find those old photo albums and take a trip down memory lane.

9. Make an Album or Collage

While you have them out, give your children an album each and ask them to choose photos to include. You can do the same with a collage frame and hang it on the wall afterwards.

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