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19/12/2018 In the community

Eddie Cummins delivering gas for over 40 years

Eddie’s Smokeless Fuels have been Dublin’s leading suppliers of heating fuel for over 40 years. Based in Donaghmede, the business is now run by Eddie Cummins, and is co-run by his son Alan. In fact, the family-run business sees three generations of the Cummins family working together to service the greater north Dublin area. Eddie’s Smokeless Fuels supplies top quality fuel to their customers, including a wide range of Calor gas, which they provide to customers through their efficient delivery service, which is undertaken with an unmatched level of personal service and value.

“Alan Cummins; Our business has changed a lot over the years, but we are delighted to be in as strong a position today as ever, and that is very much down to the support of our customers. Over four decades you build very solid relationships with your customers, and we have been meeting the energy needs of generations of families, from grandparents to their grandchildren with same-day delivery.”

“When we first opened our doors on the Hole in the Wall Road, the centre of Clongriffin had not yet been developed, and we were very much based in rural Dublin. We have been at the epicentre of the creation of Clongriffin, witnessing first-hand the development of homes and business and improvement in infrastructure as a result. Naturally this led to an increase in both domestic and commercial gas customers in our service area. We have been supplying Calor gas since the day we opened our doors, and so were always equipped to meet this increased gas demand as it developed. ”

15/07/2019 • In the community | Latest news | Lifestyle

Fun, food and music descend on the Calor family fun zone at The Dalriada Festival

After a massively successful festival last year, Calor were delighted to return as sponsor of the Dalriada Festival for another unforgettable weekend.

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13/06/2019 • In the community | Latest news | BBQ

Calor launches BioLPG, a renewable gas for 'cleaner greener grilling' this BBQ season

Calor launches Ireland’s first BioLPG renewable gas cylinder to meet growing consumer demand for greener Energy solutions.

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