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Customer Testimonial: Rory McMahon, Calor Cylinder Distributor

Customer Testimonial: Rory McMahon, Calor Cylinder Distributor
Rory McMahon, Gas Distributor, based in Clones, Co. Monaghan has been in business for over 40 years supplying local shops and businesses in Cavan and Monaghan. In 2019, Rory became a Calor customer and since then he has been persuading fellow distributors to join him in switching to Calor.


Rory moved to Calor because he built a strong relationship with local Calor Cylinder sales representative, Larry Smith. Like many business people, Rory appreciated being able to pick up the phone and talk to people who know and understand his business.  Communication and personality have been keen to building this relationship.

“I like to know people.  I like to know the name of the person on the end of the phone.  If I have a problem with a customer, I can make a call and its sorted.”

Rory’s customers rely on him to deliver for them.  He has switched the majority of his customers to Calor.  He has done this because we are committed to offering a great service and to delivering that service.

Rory knows that when he switches a customer to Calor cylinders, he is asking them to make the same decision that he made.  He is putting his reputation on the line and he is happy to do so because we have delivered on our promises.

“Calor service and back up is very good.  Anything I was told or promised, has happened.”

With Calor’s support, Rory has been able to provide his customers peace of mind and ensures they receive the highest quality LPG and standard of service from his business.

Rory took the time to talk about his experience as a Calor distributor and to tell us why he recommends to his colleagues in the industry that they should make the switch to Calor too.


Check out Rory’s video below: