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09/05/2023 Latest News

Making the Switch: Why Nick Southwell became a Calor BioLPG Customer

Domestic BioLPG Testimonial Nick Southwell
Making the Switch: Why Nick Southwell Became a Calor BioLPG Customer

More and more homes are turning to Calor BioLPG as their fuel of choice. For Nick Southwell from Tullamore, Calor BioLPG offers a versatile and convenient option for his bungalow in county Offaly.

The decision to switch to BioLPG was an easy one. As an environmentally conscious consumer, Nick wanted a renewable fuel source. With familiarity and prior experience of using gas, the Southwell’s were confident switching to renewable gas through Calor’s BioLPG.  They knew that this way they could enjoy the instant heat and flexibility that comes from a gas heating system. 

When Nick purchased his home a little over a year ago, the forty-year-old home was running on oil. Aware of the heavy carbon emissions, Nick researched his options carefully before deciding to switch to Calor BioLPG

Calor BioLPG has up to 50% less carbon emissions than home heating oil.  Calor BioLPG is a certified renewable fuel made from a mix of sustainably sourced renewable and waste materials. Switching to Calor BioLPG is a small change that makes a big difference. Speaking about the decision, Nick stated:

For me and my family it was important to have a renewable energy solution.  There were other alternatives, but I’ve used gas before, and I like the convenience and flexibility.  The fact that I could now get a renewable gas was really great.”

According to Nick the switch was extremely straight-forward and efficient when carrying out home improvements:

“Switching from oil to Calor BioLPG was straightforward. After looking up my options online I discovered BioLPG and approached Calor, the only company to offer BioLPG in the Irish market. I picked up the phone and the local Calor Representative, Eddie Byrne, called out to talk us through the process, he inspected the site and got the ball rolling immediately. The installers at Heat Services worked with us to make sure everything ran smoothly. The process was swift and easy.”

Within one week, Nick’s home was upgraded with a new heating system including a switch to Calor BioLPG, new radiators and other home improvements.

To ensure Nick has a regular and reliable supply of BioLPG, he availed of Calor’s auto-ordering service. The automatic top-up of gas supply alleviates all effort from the customer and frees up your time. For Nick, this time can be spent enjoying his new home with the knowledge his home is a cleaner home.