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10/01/2024 Latest News

Calor & Trouw Nutrition Ireland's Top 3 products for the Calving Season

Dairy Farming

Calor & Trouw Nutrition Ireland Ltd have partnered on their Top 3 products for the upcoming calving season.

Calor have been delivering energy to farmers for over 85 years. Through their experience and knowledge of the farming industry, Calor provides innovative solutions to farms and businesses across rural Ireland. From bespoke heating designs, remote monitoring of tanks, to the wide network of retailers across the country Calor can meet the needs of farmers to power their businesses efficiently and effectively. With our lower carbon solutions Calor is dedicated to researching and providing clean and efficient energy choices now, and into the future.

For the past 90 years, Trouw Nutrition have been dedicated to innovation and developing smarter and sustainable ways to help farmers raise healthy animals. Trouw Nutrition started up in The Netherlands, a country renowned for sustainable excellence in agriculture, to now serving 105 countries across the globe. Trouw are committed to translating science into actionable, practical nutrition and farm management solutions to help customers produce quality products.


1. Calor powered Rinnai Water Heaters - The smarter hot water system

The combined expertise and experience of Calor and Rinnai delivers the perfect water heating solution for your farm. The compact design of the Rinnai Water Heater means it is simple to install and house. The system only heats water when required, so there is no need to heat or store hot water in advance. And, of course, you’ll never have to worry about running out or paying for storage again.

Just some of the benefits are;

The Calor hot water solution can deliver 14 litres per minute at 40 degrees allowing you to have the optimum temperature for mixing.

In addition, the Calor and Rinnai solution

  1. Rinnai A-rated energy efficiency.
  2. Instant supply of hot water on demand.
  3. Temperatures of up to 85OC instantly.
  4. Temperature regulation at the touch of a button.
  5. Accurate temperature setting – controllable to within 1oC.
  • Works with all types of dairy washing systems.
  • Suitable for use with chlorine-free detergents.
  • Can improve TBC and reduce contamination risks.

    Find out why dairy farmers are switching to Calor and Rinnai’s hot water solution for their business.


2. Farm – O – San Reviva – The orange energy boost to support the cows recovery after calving.

In the period before and during calving dairy cows don’t eat and drink in. The cow can lose large amounts of water and electrolytes with blood calcium levels decreasing. This can make the animal lethargic, causing a further reduction of dry matter intake (DMI).

The metabolic changes that occur around calving can lead to a significant drop in DMI. Therefore, encouraging DMI (appetite) after calving is essential for giving cows the best start in lactation by minimising metabolic disease and optimising milk production.

Farm-O-San Reviva is a highly palatable post-calving drink that should be given immediately after calving. Easy to make, Reviva requires hot water between 40-45 degrees which is easily supplied at the correct temperature by Calor’s Rinnai hot water solution.

The benefits of Reviva are;

  • Easy to digest source of energy.
  • Contains large amounts of energy and calcium.
  • Rehydrates and replenishes mineral loss in the cow quickly.
  • Increases blood calcium levels and DMI.
  • Increases uptake of calcium from the gut.
  • Enriched with a flavouring agent, making it highly palatable to cattle.

    In a recent trial of 440 cows, 222 were offered Farm-O-San Reviva and 218 were offered a competitor product. The graph below shows that 207 of the cows offered Reviva directly after calving accepted it in comparison to 145 cows taking to the competitor drink, a difference of over 30%.

  • For more information about Reviva please visit the REVIVA page on our website



3. Milkivit – more than just a milk replacer

Calf rearing is both demanding and satisfying but considered important to the overall health and performance of a herd.

High growth rates in the first weeks of life (800-1,000g/day) lead to increased milk production during the first and second lactation.

An animal’s productive potential as an adult is influenced by the growth achieved early in life, with the first two months of a calf’s live providing the opportunity to boost their lifetime performance.

  • Milkivit portfolio of products.

Milkivit from Trouw Nutrition provides farmers with a range of premium calf- rearing products to give their calves the best possible start and a lifetime of high milk production.

The Milkivit range of milk replacers, endorsed by Lifestart, is made with the highest-quality skimmed milk and whey powders – providing the perfect balance of nutrients to rear strong, healthy calves no matter what system you use.Milkivit Energizer ECM is the first in a range of Energized Calf Milk (ECM) products designed to revolutionise the way we feed calves. LifeStart science indicates that having higher energy levels and lower osmolality in milk replacers is overall beneficial.

Milkivit solutions benefit you and your herd with:

  • Higher daily weight gain during the rearing phase
  • Reduced mortality and increased resilience
  • Breeding and first calving 1 to 3 months earlier
  • Higher milk production by leveraging the calf’s genetic potential
  • Reduced replacement rate and increased longevity

Find out why farmers choose Milkivit ECM for their calves.

Paired with an instant hot water heater from Calor & Rinnai, you will have an instant and convenient solution to the busy calving season.


When the season is over, our hot water solution provides you with access to instant hot water for hygiene, washing down and general day to day maintenance, all at the touch of a button.


Switch to Calor for your instant hot water and receive a Free 20kg tub of Reviva worth €130 delivered direct to your farm. Click here to register your interest with Calor