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5 reasons to switch to LPG for your farm's energy needs

5 reasons to switch to

Calor LPG is the versatile fuel for farm businesses. As running a farming business is a costly, complex undertaking, Calor LPG is the ideal solution for the farm’s energy needs as it enables better control, such as with heating, having instant hot water while also ensuring your produce isn’t  compromised. Calor are working closely with Irish farmers to tailor solutions for their specific energy needs, help improve energy efficiency and ultimately, their bottom line.

Here’s five reasons why Calor LPG is the better energy choice for your farm:

  • LPG is a cleaner burning fuel so no risk tainting of produce.
  • Lower carbon fuel so reduces your farm’s CO2 emissions*
  • Improved burner reliability so reduced maintenance on equipment
  • LPG is highly controllable so you can enjoy increased energy efficiency
  • No risk of fuel loss through theft or spillage

*Source: (carbon emissions)

13/06/2019 • In the community | Latest news | BBQ

Calor launches BioLPG, a renewable gas for 'cleaner greener grilling' this BBQ season

Calor launches Ireland’s first BioLPG renewable gas cylinder to meet growing consumer demand for greener Energy solutions.

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11/06/2019 • In the community

Don’t Shiver They Deliver!

In Galway, when people think Calor Gas, chances are they think of Martyn’s Fuels.

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